6 Ways HEMP is Saving the Planet Right Now


Hemp is having a bit of a moment right now and with good reason! It’s a super plant that has the potential to drastically improve the quality of life on our planet. You may think the true benefits of adopting hemp are in the distant future but the truth is that hemp is making a positive impact right now.


1. Growing more hemp is linked to reduced pesticide pollution.

Hemp farmers are contributing to the reduction of pesticides in our environment. Unlike its counterparts, Cotton and Flax, Hemp is naturally resistant to pests. Cotton and Flax crops make up at least 50% of pesticides used in North America. The pesticides used in growing Cotton, Flax end up in our food systems and have been linked to numerous health concerns like cancer, birth defects, and Alzheimer’s Disease.The more we continue to use hemp instead of cotton and flax, the more we can reduce our exposure to harmful toxins.




2. Hemp absorbs toxins from the soil and the air.

Hemp also acts as a natural vacuum for our environment. When hemp is cultivated, it captures carbon emissions from the atmosphere in a process called carbon sequestration where it traps carbon from the air within the plant. Meanwhile, phytoremediation is going on underground. In this process, contaminants are absorbed by the fast-growing roots of the hemp plant. The toxins are stored and, in some cases, transformed into a harmless substance. Farmers are benefiting from this now!




3. Hemp enriches the soil and prevents erosion.

After cleaning up all the toxins above, you might expect hemp to leach nutrients from the soil and be detrimental to long term crop production. However, the opposite is true! In fact, its deep roots prevent soil erosion and the plant has been shown to increase the microbial content in soil.



4. Hemp is saving trees and can prevent deforestation.

Hemp is being adopted as a more sustainable replacement for paper and timber products. A single acre of hemp produces as much paper annually as 4 acres of trees. This is also without the time it takes for trees to mature. If we switched completely from trees to hemp for our paper needs, we could end deforestation.


5. Hemp has incredible nutritional value and is helping end world hunger.

Developing countries and communities are increasingly turning to hemp as a food source and staple crop. Hemp seeds are a complete protein and rich in amino acids and vitamins. The plants mature within 3 months and can also yield oil and flour as food products. As a staple crop, hemp could be the key to eliminating world hunger permanently.



6. Hemp is super renewable!

We are just scratching the surface of the reusability of hemp and hemp products. Hemp plastics can be recycled indefinitely and hemp paper can be recycled 7-8 times.

These are just a few of the reasons why Hempearth Group is committed to using hemp to improve the quality of life on planet Earth. With the development of our hemp biofuels, composites, and other products we are working to create more sustainable options for a healthier planet.

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