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Hempy Day Folks, we would like to welcome you to The Derek R. Kesek foundation Donation link. The primary aims of the foundation, globally is to enhance the education and awareness of plant medicines, such as the benefits of hemp seed oil, and to eliminate all poverty worldwide, and help in the continued creation of abundance, health and happiness, for all of mankind. Also, to protect mother earth through expanding eco, green, and sustainable alternative educational opportunities, and revolutionary technologies.  When you donate to The Derek R. Kesek Foundation, and or Shop at, you are helping an animal, a human, a child, a farmer, a student and many more. You are also helping us to give the time to someone has questions about anything in life, medicines, spirituality, entrepreneurship. Thank you for your donations and for shopping at and being a part of The Hempearth Company. See you at Hempearth HEMP FEST Costa Rica. Tickets Are Available NOW by Clicking On Top Right Shop Button And Scrolling Down.


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