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We operate responsibly, honestly, providing good customer service to make sure all our customers receive top quality product that is potent, authentic, clean, free of any type of foreign tainting such as mold, fungus, mildew, lacings of nutrients and fertilizers.

Be aware that here in Ontario, Cannabis products for recreational use is freely accepted and tolerated by the majority of citizen’s here. and we operate a responsible, discreet needed service, partnered with the best growers in the industry in an honest professional manner.

Hempearth Organic Bud Oil Or Tincture 91% THC 6% CBD/Hash/Seeds/Resin Crystals Coming Soon


Bud Oil 1.75gram Minimum Order $100cad  $50gram we also have bulk available which is cheaper.

 A velvety smooth oil with a taffy like consistency.  Made from all organic matter.  No poisons or pesticides here.  Safe to inhale or ingest.

91% THC / 6% CBD

Cannabis Oil Tincture 15ml $150cad 30ml $300cad

 Our organic bud oil suspended in an organic extra virgin olive oil base.  30 mls bottle has 6 full grams of bud oil, 15 mls bottle has 3 full grams of bud oil.  Shake vigourously before using.  10 drops contains 100 milligrams (mgs) 94% THC and 6% CBD.  A 30 mls. bottle contains 60 (sixty) doses of 10 drops each.  Great at bedtime for sleep.  Helps for pain management. Very potent, use sparingly at first, recommend 2 drops to start. 

Hempearth Seeds 

 Our Official Hempearth Seed Strains! 10 Seeds Per Pack Also Bulk Seeds Available

Patience Feminized $50cad

Romulan Grapefruit x Bubba Kush $50cad

Northern Lights #5 $50cad

Northern Lights #5 x Snow White $50cad

AK47 x Blueberry $50cad

AK47x Jamaican Indica $50cad

AK47 x Hindu Kush $50cad

Hindu Kush x Dutch Treat $50cad

Pink Kush x Dutch Treat $50cad

Highland Skunk, Outdoor Feminized $50cad

Indica Outdoor Mix $50cad

Highland Skunk Outdoor $50cad

Brenda Skunk Outdoor $50cad

White Grizzly × Afgani Outdoor $50cad

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Giving You the Tools to Succeed

Order Hempearth Products Today We Accept Interac E-TRANSFER, Visa Or MasterCard Add Us On WhatsApp +506 8390 7179


Dried Material Online Sales/Cannabis Seeds/ Cannabis Tinctures

Hempearth Cannabis Strains

Organic Hindu Kush

A pure indica strain, potent with an earthy flavour.  Recommended for love making, appetite stimulation.

19% THC, 4% CBD


Organic Pumpkin Pie

A heady combination of Northern Lights cross with Romulan Grapefruit.  Just like pumpkin pie, it's perfect after a heavy meal, just don't expect to do much after.

THC 19%, CBD 4%


Organic Cotton Candy

This popular sativa dominant strain is super smooth, very pleasant and has long lasting effect.  Great for pain relief and a good motivator with daytime use. 

18% THC, 4% CBD


Organic Girl Guide Cookie

Heavy crystalline, super potent sativa that's a pleasure to consume.  Inspiring cerebral lift makes it great for creatives.

THC 20%, CBD 3%


Organic Hindu Godbud

The picture doesn't do this bud justice. (Actual size 7 cm.)  Sugary throughout with a light fruity smell.   Very unique invigorating effect.  Great for pain relief without the drowziness.  Very strong, best vaped.

THC 18%  CBD 3%


Organic Bubba Kush

This wonderfully fruity old time strain still has kick and drive.  Heavily crystalline, fast delivery with legs, everything you want a kush to be.

20% THC and 3% CB


Organic Highland Kush

Organic outdoor grown in the Highlands of the south Cariboo in BC.  Fresh air, clean, clear water and non use of chemicals makes this strain one of the tastiest on earth.  A cross between Humbolt County Brenda Skunk and Kootenay White Grizzly, this strain was developed by our Master Grower for geographic specificity.  Available exclusively to Hempearth.

Seeds for this strain, feminized and unfeminized, available in the seed catalog coming soon.

18% THC, 4% CBD


Organic Lemon Kush

This lemony aroma kush is flavorful with a pleasantly heavy high.  Indica dominant but with up cerebral characteristics. Long lasting effect.

16% THC, 3% CBD


Organic Big Red (High Sativa)

Smooth, rich, deep flavour, this pungent strain is reminicient of haze super sativas with origins in Columbia, Mexico, Thai and South India.  Clear, energetic high that's strong at first, then mellows.  Bliss!

14% THC, 3% CBD


Organic Purple Cotton Candy

This sativa dominant strain has purple buds covered in crystal.  Potent, thick, spicy smoke.  Fast to the head.  Uplifting effect.  Consider it a strong daytimer and definitely a weekender to get lots done.

18% THC, 2% CBD


Organic Hubba Bubba

This indica dominant strain (80%) is classic Bubba Kush with extra indica.  Fast to the head, lots of leg, finishing with deep body relaxation.  Can you say ahhh!

19% THC 3% CBD


Organic Pink Berry

This potent hybrid, 40% indica - 60% sativa, is very smooth with a lovely fruity smell.  Beautiful and dangerous

20% THC 4% CBD


Organic Cotton Candy Outdoor

Not many sativas are hardy enough to grow and finish outdoor in our climate.  A delight to smoke, this strain is great for daytime and creative time.

19% THC 5% CBD


Organic Fruit Smoothie

 Recommended for the weekend or nighttime, this hybrid has a nice fruity smell and slight pink tinged bud.  Very smooth smoke produces a mellow high that lasts and lasts. Has pain relieving and body relax qualities. 18% THC and 3% CBD. 






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