Hempearth’s design for the world’s first hemp airplane. (Via hempearth.net)

Transforming hemp into the surfboard beneath your feet or the plane that takes you skyward: That’s the mission of the Canadian company Hempearth. Hemp is the non-psychoactive variety of the Cannabis sativa plant, and is often used for industrial reasons because of its strength and versatility.

Hempearth’s founder, Derek Kesek, a Canadian internet marketer, musician, chef and former organic restaurant owner, is working to create the world’s first hemp airplane, its biofuel and a series of hemp surfboards, edibles, Paddleboards, a Hemp Phone coming up and much more.

Headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Hempearth has also produced hemp biofuel.

Can you tell me more about the hemp airplane?

About 5 years ago I started a company solely based on hemp and marijuana. I contacted several plane manufacturing companies and asked them if this idea was possible. I sent them some hemp, did some testing and then I got a manufactured contract signed. The rest was history. Then I started getting help from some newspapers and so on. We have been putting our heart and souls into this project, just one day at a time.

Why did you choose to use hemp?

Because it’s eco, it’s green, it’s sustainable and we all want a better future. It’s lighter, it’s stronger and it’s becoming legalized all over the world including recently in the USA when the Hemp Federal Farm Bill was signed.

What is the process to produce the biofuel?

Hemp seed oil produces the bio fuel. We had a chemist make the fuel and he has his own processing plant, so he produced the fuel for us. Once the hemp plane is ready, with a few tweaks we are set to fuel it with our own HEMPEARTH Bio Fuel.


Hempearth’s airplane is set to use biofuel made out of hemp. Via hempearth.net


Have you tried out the surfboards? When are you releasing them?

We had a pro ride our 100% Hemp Fiber Surf Boards for over a month and he said he wouldn’t change a thing, stronger, lighter and good for big or small waves. Our official HEMPEARTH WAVE 1.0 pre-launch begins June 21st 2019 but if you order your board before June 21st you will get Free Shipping in the USA. Our boards are build in Costa Rica and the USA and we are working with some great shapers and using some amazing sustainable innovative and revolutionary technology.

Why did you choose to distribute them in Costa Rica?

It’s a big industry here. I learned how to surf in Costa Rica so I love it.

Basically, by building these boards, producing biofuel  made from hemp and producing hemp surfboards, we are way ahead in this enormouse industry and quickly have become the leader in Hemp and Marijuana.

Right now Hempearth is running a GoFundMe campaign to bring the company closer to their goal of building the worlds first hemp plane and powering it on Hemp Fuel. Donate today and get your name on the worlds first hemp plane, and be part of history. Click Here: HEMPEARTH Hemp Plane Fund


If you would like to invest in Hempearth Group, you can do so right on our website here: HEMPEARTH Private Shares

Or you can email us at hempearthcanada@gmail.com, right now our private shares are $0.05usd + Bonus until May 29th.

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