Here’s How Magic Mushrooms Affect Your Brain.

Activates Serotonin Receptors

One of the most prominent effect of consuming magic mushrooms is that it activates your serotonin receptions called 2A. According to studies, this causes a neuronal avalanching, which is described as a domino effect of various changes in your brain. So, when 2A is activated, your brain is more susceptible to changes, which you can experience through your sensory and network activities.

This can increase the activity of your virtual cortex, which could be the reason why many experience changes in perception. This activation is also known to lower your network activity, which is the reason that consumers lose their ego. It is also known to increase mood and cognition. When combined, scientists believe that this is why users feel a sense of unity and transcendence.

With the 2A receptors activated, the psilocin allows users to tap into parts of their brains that were previously inaccessible. This is because brain cells are ‘reshaped’ to become more efficient. Now, keep in mind that the ‘hardware’ in our brains are fixed, which means that this compound does not break it down and reconfigures your brain cells. What the chemical does is it lets the individual networks connect with others to form a more global network. This is what makes the network more efficient.

Rebalances Nerves

Because individual networks are now connected, scientists believe that the activation of the 2A receptors can aid in treating disorders . Moreover, some studies show that new networks are formed, allowing users to utilize more of their brain. This triggers creativity, love and happiness, which can greatly increase the potential of the consumer, when combined with the other effects of psilocin on human brain.

Brain activity is decreased overall

Interestingly, despite the spike in sensory experiences and hallucinations, a study found that psilocybin actually decreased activity in the brain, particularly, in areas involved in information transfer, like the thalamus.

“‘Knocking out’ these key hubs with psilocybin appears to allow information to travel more freely in the brain, probably explaining why people’s imaginations become more vivid and animated and the world is experienced as unusual.

During your average day in the human brain, neurons are constantly firing and neurotransmitters are traveling well-trodden paths through the brain, somewhat like cars on a freeway. On magic mushrooms, those networks are “destabilized”.


Magic mushrooms contain a chemical compound known as psilocybin. This compound can have a profound effect on the brain in areas that control mood, perception, as well as cognition. Many users claim feeling much more open and relaxed after a magic mushroom experience. Of course, numerous factors could be responsible for this feeling, as set and setting play a huge role, as does mental health, well-being, and open-mindedness.


scientific evidence is building that the substances may have the potential to help staunch symptoms of psychiatric diseases that are difficult to treat with existing therapies. Those diseases include severe depression and Anxiety for example.

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