First and foremost, should you eat while tripping? The answer is yes, unless you feel nauseous or completely without your appetite, eating food while you’re on shrooms is absolutely allowed.

Food can be a wonderful compliment to a psychedelic journey. Once the peak has passed, incorporating food can add a new dimension to any trip. But picking the right foods at the right time takes some trial and error.

Details count, so take some time and prepare the food to match your personal preferences.


As our peak begins to wane, we will start experimenting with food. Fruits are the easiest place to start for most people, but nuts, tea, and many other sweet or sour flavors work well.


Fruit:  Watermelon and pineapple are the favorites.  But anything succulent works.  Oranges, grapes, mango, papaya, guava, passion fruit, strawberries and melons are wonderful.  We buy them very ripe, so they are extra sweet and juicy. Freeze some grapes or blueberries for a weird and wonderful snack.

Soda: Fruit flavored soda, not too sweet, like Izzy’s. Ginger ale, and specialty sodas are interesting. Try in a small glass taking small sips.

Yogurt: Full fat yogurt (which is full fat fortified with honey). Anything rich and creamy works well.

Honey: Honey with actual honey comb intact is pretty amazing. If you have access to local varieties of honey, buy a few and sample to taste the distinct differences.

Ice cream and frozen sweets: High fat content ice-cream in small doses, such as Ben & Jerry’s or something from a local ice cream shop with strong creamy flavors. Orange push up pops. Otter pops.


Candy: Sour Patch Kids, any sour candy. Sweet candy like chocolate tends to work better late in the trip.

Pickles, especially cornichons, or fancy custom pickled veggies.


Nuts: Any nuts work, but toasted nuts, smoked nuts and nuts that come with lime salt or spicy salt work best, bringing an intensity of flavor. A single nut at a time can fill the senses.

Tea: Hot or cold, Homemade chai, not too sweet, can be amazingly complex and wonderful. Be mindful to have a very balanced chai, or make a few variations before your trip to see what works best for you.

Doritos, Pringles, or similar strongly flavored fatty and salty snack.



Port and sweet wines.  

Dark chocolate, especially intense and complex chocolate.


Coffee: Fresh espresso or bold black coffee.


Cheese: Strong cheese, blue cheese, farmhouse cheddar, roquefort, parmesan and other hard strong varieties and feta.  Milder cheese works well too, but we prefer something strong enough that a very small amount goes a long way.  

Salami and other dried meat.  

Should You Eat Before Your Trip?

What About Eating Magic Mushrooms on an Empty Stomach?

Some users suggest eating magic mushrooms on an empty stomach to get better “tripping results,’ as digestion of food may cause a delay or even lessen their effects. They promote it as a spiritual journey, as shamans explain how fasting connects you to the divine

On the other hand, if you’re likely to experience nausea and vomiting, it might be best to take magic mushrooms on an empty stomach and prevent any potential digestive discomfort caused by the food that’s sitting in your digestive tract.

The Lemon Tek Method

Lemon tekking is a method used before consuming magic mushrooms. It’s done by grinding the psilocybin mushrooms and mixing them with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Then, give the lemon tek 15-20 minutes to take effect before consumption. This method helps mask the mushroom taste that some users find unpleasant. According to several testemants, it may also slightly intensify the psychedelic experience but also shorten it. It is still unclear how and why lemon tekking helps reduce the feeling of nausea. There are some claims the method optimizes PH levels while others suggest that it initiates the dephosphorylation of psilocybin to psilocin.


While we eat for hours after the peak, the quantity of each bite tends to be tiny. By the time the psychedelic has is gone, we are usually ready for a real meal.

High quality soups are amazing in general. A light pasta dish works well. Prefer food that doesn’t involve much chewing at all.

Whether you choose to eat or avoid eating before shrooms, it’s up to you, stick to your own gut feeling, avoid eating foods if you’re extremely nauseous or vomit often, and remind yourself that food isn’t the main part of your psychedelic trip. Quality Service - Fast shipping - Organic Products
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