Hempearth Private Shares

Only Cryptocurrency Payments Accepted at $0.05USD equals 200,000 Private Hempearth Shares. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin – Offer Ends August 30th 2019 Buy Online or by emailing us at hempearthcanada@gmail.com

Why Invest in Hempearth?

Hempearth has been in business since 2014 with clients globally. Based out of Waterloo, Ontario Canada. We guarantee your purchase of Hempearth Coin cryptocurrency will be an exciting journey and a great investment not only for you but for all of humanity and mother earth.


“We actually have physical products and have a viable road map.” —Derek Kesek, Hempearth Founder


The best investment anyone can make in the Marijuana and HEMP Industry. Incorporated in 2014, we have already been Featured In HIGH TIMES Magazine, USA TODAY, THE TORONTO STAR and publications worldwide. HEMPEARTH Group Has Quickly Become The APPLE, Microsoft, VIRGIN, TESLA and leader in HEMP and Marijuana

Generating New ECO Bio Products


Hempearth Group Ltd. is proud to be producing The World’s First 100% HEMP Fiber Surf Boards, SUP Boards and Boogie Boards that are 100% fiberglass free using an Eco-Epoxy Resin made from Sap and Recycled Foam. This innovative and revolutionary new board is unlike anything ever produced on the planet.



  • Material Composites for Hemp Aircraft
  • World’s 1st HEMP Fiber Phones
  • Luxury Organic Edibles
  • Aircrafts/Aviation
  • BioFuels
  • Cars, Trucks, Aerial Vehicles
  • Cannabis Oils and Tinctures
  • Vacations
  • Cannabis and Hemp eShops, Services, & Consulting.

Here is a link to our White Paper: http://bit.ly/hempearthwhitepaper

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1 Bitcoin or $10,000


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