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The ability to optimally managing the requirements of

  • stiffness,
  • stability,
  • mechanical performance,
  • pre-cutting,
  • ease of handling,
  • wetting,
  • and fiber alignment for cosmetics requirements

Multi-Axial – ±45 or triaxial

Multi-axial (non-crimp) reinforcement fabrics are made up of several plies of parallel fibres, which can be laid in different orientations.

1.Three layers of roving can be stitched, however a layer of chopped strands(0g/㎡-500g/㎡) or composite materials can be added.
2.The maximal width can be 100 inches.
3.It is used in blades of wind power turbines, boat manufacturing, aviation and sports advices.


Innovation that works: The combination of leading edge technical HEMP fibers with collaborative, process-driven solutions

Soon to me meeting and exceeding our client expectations, HEMPEARTH shall be offering a complete spectrum of technical and specialized weaves in Hemp, for many different applications including Aircraft, Automobile, and Watercraft.

Coming soon!

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