HEMPEARTH – Aztec God Mushrooms “NEW”


HEMPEARTH Aztec God Mushrooms “NEW”

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HEMPEARTH Aztec God Mushrooms “NEW”

Product description

The Aztec God magic mushroom variety originated in Central America, where the ancient Aztec civilization existed for thousands of years. It is well documented that the Aztecs intentionally consumed these mushrooms, and that they were well aware of the profound spiritual state of consciousness that they would encounter upon consuming them. This is evidenced by many forms of Aztec art, and Aztec nomenclature. The Aztecs even had a word for magic mushrooms – Teonanácatl – which translates to “Flesh of the Gods”.

Aztec God typically produces larger than average sized mushrooms. They have thick stems that are yellowish-white in colour, and medium sized caps that range from golden-brown to chestnut brown in colour. Sporulation is moderate and spores are dark purple to black in colour.

Aztec God has a moderate potency. It often elicits spiritual and mystical experiences, along with feelings of peace, relaxation, and deep connection to others, nature, and your surroundings. This variety along with Huautla, Mazatepec, and Mexicube, are the best choices for a therapeutic or medicinal application.

  • Minimum order $300.00USD

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28 grams

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