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Magic mushrooms are a natural substance that promotes openness and connectedness, which is great to pair with time spent in nature. Psychedelics and camping are a great pair, but you can also microdose at the park, on the train, or at the beach. 

A lot of suggestions for trips are best done indoors. There’s a reason for that. Shrooming indoors means safety, privacy, and the ability to largely control your setting and keep it comfortable and stress-free. But if you have a good place to go and a good trip-sitter to go with, shrooming outdoors can be amazing.

Being anywhere in nature is a great idea when shrooming; if you start inside, you may find yourself gradually drawn outdoors. You could go for a hike, or discover the intricate world of your own backyard.

How Psychedelics Help You to Connect with Nature

Psychedelics can lead to the breakdown of the ego, which helps blur the lines between the self and the world around you. This is considered a possible cause for the ‘mystical experience’ people describe associated with psychedelics and the reported long-term benefits. 

This breakdown in the ego leads to a sense of openness and connectedness to the world. So, when you consume psychedelics while camping or in nature in general, it’s easy to feel connected to everything around you in a profound and healing way. 

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How to Use Psychedelics in Nature Safely

Shrooms and camping is a great place to start when considering using psychedelics to connect with nature because you already have a comfortable space set up and don’t have to go anywhere. But here are a few things to consider before using psychedelics while camping;

  • Who else is around you. You want to choose to be with people you trust and are comfortable with and likely don’t want to be in a public place. If you’re going to use psychedelics in a public campground, consider how private your personal space is. And you might want to have one person in your group remain sober to talk to rangers if need be. 
  • Have water close by. 
  • Have comfort items and warm, comfortable clothes. Comfort items tend to be things that make a person feel safe and soothed, like a stuffed toy or cozy blanket. 

Using psychedelics, like magic mushrooms, in nature can be a profound and healing experience. At the same time, it may bring up big emotions you weren’t prepared for. So, make sure you plan ahead for the experience as much as possible and go in with a positive mindset. 

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