With such a demand today, it is vital to learn how to judge your weed quality whether you are new to the industry or are a long-time user.

Multiple grading methodologies and grading systems are getting used across the cannabis industry, and some of them can be pretty confusing. Therefore, it’s better to rely on one system as your guide. Other standard grading systems include the High-Grade, Mid Grade, Low-Grade and Top Shelf Indicators.

Even though more than one system is used to determine the quality of weed, the most accurate and easily understood system is the A-AAAA, which accurately represents an evaluation and lab results.

What are the Main Differences in the Weed Grading System?

The weed chart will point out all the differences in the weed grading system, but below are some main ones.

  • AA Grade, also known as Dubs or mids. It is the lowest grade (not including A). It is great for beginners, shoppers looking to save or smokers with low tolerance. The buds will be decently sized but it will lack the strength in these categories: Aroma/smell, burn, density/appearance and potency.
  • AAA quality grade, also known as Trips, is a good weed quality with a poorer bud density and aesthetics than the AAAA weed grade. AAA Grade will have be potent, with a strong smell. Where it misses the mark may be the appearance compared to AAAA or the burn. The ash may be peppery/dark vs clean and white.
  • AAAA cannabis grades are also known as Quads or Premium weed. They are a very budget choice and the best quality weed in all categories, dank and pungent.
  • AAAAA weed grade, also known as high quads, contains the same qualities and best attributes beyond AAAA high-grade weed.

What is the Weed Grading System?


When buying weed online, the quality is a crucial factor, and the legally approved system for quality is the “A-AAAA+” weed grading system. In addition, some terminologies are used to identify different grading systems and various quality levels, including A weed, dubs, Trips, Quads, True Quads, Schwag or Dirt Weed. However, they may not represent accurate or consistent units of measure.

Importantly, each cannabis strain has different levels depending on the different batches grown. Therefore, the weed grading system does not represent the strain itself but only the grower and quality of the batch. The system includes:

1. A-Grade Cannabis (Singles)

A-Grade level is the lowest grade level, some may call it the bottom of the barrel for weed, and it is unlikely to find an A grade in a licensed dispensary. Therefore, even though this weed may still resemble a bud as it will retain some structure, it is the weed tossed aside during the grading process.

This low-grade weed gives an unnoticeable experience and may be mixed in with some unwanted stems and discolored loose fragments, and that’s why it’s usually referred to as dirt weed. It is also known as ditch weed or schwag, depending on where you live.

Often, suppliers use the flowers for extracts, and they sell the leftovers to clients for additional profit, and it may still look good enough for you to make your edibles and extracts out of it. Although it’s a low-quality weed, it’s cheaper to buy and quite effective when vaped or smoked in high quantities and can also be used to make edibles and concentrates.

Even though it’s very low quality, it will still give you a buzz, but some will have side effects that tell you that it was not up to par. Its quality is enough for some decent relaxation.



2. AA Grade Cannabis (Dubs)

AA grade strains, also known as dubs or mids, are most of the time the lowest grade and rating of weed you will find from most dispensaries in Canada. When it comes to effectiveness or appearance, these buds don’t stand a chance against AAA or AAAA buds, but they still have a place and will get a user stoned.

AA-grade may have a less desirable smell than AAA-grade or other top-quality weed but will still give you a smooth and pleasant smell. However, these buds are not well-formed and consistent in their texture and color, so placing them next to high-grade cannabis will not help dispensaries earn well, and that’s why it may be hard to find them in most shops, and you may have to ask for them.

AA grade strains will generally have some brown or off-color tinge in their green outlook or appearance, and also, the lower the grade level, the darker the ash you get when smoking. It is often referred to as “Reggie weed” or “dubs, and it contains more THC than the A grade. This particular strain offers variance in quality, and it’s not unusual to see AA- and AA+.

AA grade stains appeal to budget-minded shoppers and those looking to make their concentrates and edibles. This is a mid-grade weed that will give you value for your money where sometimes you may get lucky and get a decent AA flower.

3. AAA Grade Cannabis (Trips)

AAA weed is the most available, and it’s the top quality available, and it’s the current premium weed class. However, thanks to growing techniques improving, weed grades have significantly elevated, and even though it’s an excellent quality, it’s now considered a standard.

AAA Grade Cannabis, also known as Trips, has most characteristics of the AAAA grade but with a less bud density and some more discoloration. The higher-grade cannabis is available in different types, and it’s the most common cannabis form sold in most Canadian dispensaries and stores.

AAA Grade weed has an extremely high CBD and THC potency, and you can expect the strain to deliver almost maximum potency and feel the full effects of THC contained within. Trips are the grade most people consume as it’s considered a middle-of-the-road weed and has a wide range of hybrids and strains.

4. AAAA Grade Cannabis (Quads) & Beyond (AAAA+)


AAAA Cannabis Grade level, also known as Quads, is the second-highest graded level in the weed grading system, and it sits pretty well on the top shelf. It is a good quality weed, and it ranks highly in every criterion, including bud size, THC/CBD content, trichome, aesthetics and terpenoid content.

In the AAAA grade cannabis quality level, you will find several strains. The level of quality will reflect its attributes with no questionable aromas and visible plentiful trichomes (hair-like features in flower). In addition, the buds are thick and well-groomed, and everything is well packed and looks clean, and it is crucial since the structure of buds and the existence of abundant trichomes is crucial when you consider the emerging of a top-quality strain.

AAAA+ Grade weed has a dank and pungent aroma, and they are decidedly pleasing with a well-developed taste and a consistent and smooth burn. AAAA+ weed has an overall coloration with a hint of purple or orange. It doesn’t have a harsh aftertaste, which is a good sign of a high-quality cannabis level. In addition, the presence of a less than healthy coloration ultimately means the quality is not that high.

AAAA and AAAA+ weed is a premium weed grade quality, and this means that it comes with a premium price and is the best available quality in the weed grading system.


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