The Costa Rican magic mushroom is another favorite from the Central America region. This beautiful Psilocybe cubensis variety was found in the foothills surrounding Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica, at approximately 1000 to 1200 feet of elevation. Costa Rican Mushroom (Psilocybe cubensis Costa Rica) is a strain found in the foothills surrounding the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. These mushrooms grow naturally in the wild and love warm, humid tropical climate and grow at 1000-1200 ft. above sea-level. These sacred mushrooms have been growing at the base of a highly active 7000-year-old volcano for many millennia. Legend has it that they have been used by the local indigenous people since the beginning of time. Costa Rica is a magical lush kingdom and we are glad to have a sacred mushroom from this region of the world.

Costa Rican Magic Mushroom Description

CAP: The Beacon’s cap is 20-70mm in size, and hemispheric expanding to plane with age. He begins as golden brown in colour, maturing to a lighter brown. He’s yellowish white, but bruises bluish green with damage.

GILLS: The gill attachment is adnate to adnexed. It has a yellowish colouration in young mushrooms that matures to be much darker. The Beacon is known for his generosity – his spore production is prolific. 

STEM: Stem length is usually 150-200mm. Most of the time this Shroom’s stem is equal all the way down, but it may be slightly enlarged at the base. It’s a yellowish colour with a cool, reflective sheen to it. When bruised, it turns bluish and semi hollow.

SPORES: This Costa Rican mushie’s spores are dark purplish brown in colour, subellipsoid on four-spored basidia.

HABITAT: Equine dung enriched soils are the perfect match for this little Shroom. Find him in the Costa Rican cow fields, loving the wet season and thriving in the heat.

The Costa Rican magic mushroom is known to give a warm visual and spiritual experience, especially in nature. In the psychonaut community, it is renowned for producing warm energy, light visual hallucination, and feelings of love and deep social connection. It is a great for beginners and experienced users and is consistently well reviewed as a versatile stain that is great for all situations and occasions.


Microdose – 0.1g – 0.3g
Beginner – 0.3g – 1g
Average – 1g – 2.5g
Experienced – 2.5g – 3.5g+

Effects begin between 10 to 40 minutes after ingestion and can last between 3 and 6 hours, depending on the dose and the individual. Like all tryptamines, psilocybes often cause what has been called “the mushroom yawns” which increase markedly as one begins to peak, however, the feeling in the rest of the body is energetic, not tired. Users can expect a wide variety of possible effects and sensations, from the mystical, euphoric and revelatory to the hyperspatial and mind-altering observational. At doses over 3 grams, some users report experiencing warping of the visual field, and Dali-esque melting objects, and other possible effects include time distortion, hallucinations both when eyes are closed or open, and synesthesia (i.e. “seeing” sounds and “feeling” colours). Remember to stay hydrated, especially if you’re outdoors or doing activities like dancing, and try sipping some honey ginger tea to counteract any possible nausea during the come-up.

Psilocybe cubensis
Habitat: on cow manure or on the pasture floor.
Distribution: the whole country, both high and low areas.
Observations: it presents a ring with dark brown coloration as well as spots with a blue-greenish tone throughout the fruiting body when being manipulated

Taking Costa Rican Magic Mushrooms Recreationally

Costa Rican magic mushrooms are some of the best shrooms for taking recreationally. As we mentioned, the pure euphoria from these mushrooms makes for endless laughter between friends.

On top of that, Costa Rican magic mushrooms make you feel open and connected to the people and nature around you.

To get the most out of your Costa Rican magic mushroom experience, you’ll want to take them responsibly. That means no driving or doing anything dangerous on them.

You’ll want to get to where you’re going before taking them and then staying there for the duration of your trip, which can last up to 6 hours.If you’re going out in nature, make sure to take enough food, water, and music with you to last you your entire trip.

Taking Costa Rican Magic Mushrooms Spiritually

If you’re looking to reach the farthest depths of your mind, then Costa Rican magic mushrooms can show you the way. That’s because, with enough Costa Rican magic mushrooms, you can experience something mystical.

However, before you embark on a spiritual magic mushroom journey, you need to make certain physical and mental preparations. You need to become familiar with a concept known as set and setting.

Set means that you need to think about your mindset. More specifically, you need to be in the right place mentally for a psychedelic journey.

Getting in the right headspace requires you to have cleared your schedule and have no obligations for the day. You should also not have any big life events or major worries in your head before embarking on a spiritual trip.

Of course, we can’t always be in the best state of mind before a psychedelic experience. However, you should try your best to have as clear a mind as possible for the best result.

Next, you need to think about the setting, which is your physical environment. The physical environment should be comfortable, calm, and relaxing.It can be in a home or out in nature—as long as it’s familiar to you. Also, remember that people are part of the setting.

It’s best to have as few people around as possible because it could end up being distracting. However, you’ll want at least one person around to act as a trip sitter—someone who can look after you during your trip.

Mushroom-shaped elements in ceramic artwork. They may allude to the consumption of mushroom species with psychedelic properties. Both artifacts were found in the Greater Nicoya region and have similar dimensions. (a) Mushroom-shaped ceramic sculpture, National Museum of Costa Rica, no. 1458; (b) mushroom-shaped ceramic sculpture, Museum of Jade y Pre-Columbian Culture, no. 477 Quality Service - Fast shipping - Organic Products
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