Much like cannabisshrooms will affect each person differently, depending on experience, dosage, genetic makeup, and your current state of mind or health. There are quite a few different factors to consider, especially when trying Mushrooms for the first time.Psychedelic mushrooms have been used throughout the centuries for spiritual and religious purposes, as they tend to induce intense altered states of consciousness that allow the consumer to view the world in a very different way.

Its effects are comparable to other psychedelics like LSD, but the intensity of your experience will vary greatly depending on how much you consume. 

Microdosing,” a.k.a., taking about 1-2 grams of shrooms, or even less depending on your tolerance level, will result in a mild euphoria similar to the effects of serotonin: colors are brighter, music sounds better, and it’s hard to wipe the smile off your face.

On the other hand, taking an eighth (3.5 grams) or more at a time will likely result in a full on “trip,” which may cause users to see, feel, taste, or hear things. Senses become distorted and heightened, resulting in users claiming phenomena like “hearing color” or “seeing sound.”

Here are some important things to keep in mind before you decide to combine shrooms and sex:

Be prepared to experience cosmic lust.

When having sex on shrooms, you never know how intense the experience might be.Simply tripping with a friend and ordering food together can bond you in ways you never would have expected, so imagine what that can feel like when you’re orgasming.
Magic Mushrooms are known for the feeling of connection and “oneness” with the world, and this can definitely be felt during sex.
This is why it’s so important to do it with someone you’re fully comfortable with. Shrooms and sex can make you feel like you’re falling in love, and if you’re not with the right person, that can leave you in an incredibly vulnerable position.

Time the trip correctly.

Another important element to consider is the timing of it all. Most users who regularly incorporate shrooms into their sex lives report that the experience is best when they wait until after the trip’s peak.
Having sex at the peak can be way too intense, especially if you’re rendered speechless or completely overwhelmed by the shrooms’ effects.Instead, the comedown might be the perfect time to get intimate: sensations are softened, and you’re likely basking in the afterglow of a spiritual experience.

Sexy Settings

Like any trip, the setting is of paramount importance. Again, somewhere in which you feel comfortable or familiar is ideal. With the heightened senses that come from tripping, even your own bed takes on an entirely new dimension. Launder some fresh sheets, set some cosy mood lighting and see the quotidian transformed.  Alternatively, many people cite camping or festival trips to be the ideal place to try some psychedelic sex. 

Beloved Travel Companions

Depending on how one is reacting to the mushroom, integrating a partner into your trip can enhance this cosmic feeling of oneness. Some cases call for alone time, which is okay, too. Learning to be alone is an important part of everyone’s sexual and psychedelic evolution. However, it isn’t out of the question to integrate sexual intercourse and magic mushrooms. In fact, there have been many veteran psychonauts who, along with their beloved travel companions, have had indescribable psychedelic sexual experiences. Typically, though, such experiences come with practice, divine timing, proper set and setting, and, of course, the right beloved travel companion. As stated above, dissolving previously held constructs of sex is important when journeying together. In some cases, a mushroom may show you that simply looking into the eyes of your lover can be an intense sexual experience. The experience doesn’t have to strictly be reserved for intercourse.

Magic mushrooms do a great job of helping us break down the societal constructs of structured and/or pornographic sexual experiences. Earth to humans: sex isn’t just about racing to a climax! Sex is a journey of surrender, freedom, bliss, unity, and ecstasy. Below is a beautiful description of a personal psychedelic sexual experience, from an anonymous veteran mushroom goddess. Quality Service - Fast shipping - Organic Products
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