Huautla is a type of Psilocybe Cubensis from the Oaxaca Region in Mexico. It looks quite skinny, with its thin stalk and hemispheric cap. Though, don’t mistake this for its low potency because it’s quite the opposite. This mushroom strain is one of the most powerful mushrooms in the world, certainly worth it if you’re looking for a super high. The hallucinogenic effects will send your mind rambling and raving with euphoria!

As for your body, it’ll be too busy facing off against the relaxation and sedation that comes with the synesthesia to feel any pains anymore. That’s why Huautla is a highly therapeutic mushroom strain!

While Huautla shrooms are recognized for their unrivalled spiritual trips, this magic mushroom was popularized after shaman Maria Sabina introduced its powers to America1955 — they’ve even attracted the likes of legends such as Bob Dylan and John Lennon!

Who were Maria Sabina ?

Her full name was María Sabina Magdalena García. Known as the “priestess of mushrooms,” she was probably the most famous Mexican healer to have ever lived. Her history and reputation led her to serve as a bridge between the mystical and ritual worlds of her people, and the mystical exploration of the Western world.

Born into the Mazatec ethnic group in 1894, she came from a small town called Huautla de Jiménez, in the Sierra de Oaxaca, located in southern Mexico. Her father’s family had already included several shamans. From a very young age, contact with them brought her closer to the region’s traditional ceremonies, which included the intake of hallucinogenic mushrooms (know as “holy children”) as a method of contact with divinity. She first tried the mushrooms at the age of eight. It’s said that she intuitively developed a knowledge of the rituals and their healing power which, in her culture, was attributed to these mushrooms

Among the Mazatec people, the most common healing method since prior to the colonial period, was the ritual intake of fungi of a species called Mexican Psilocybe and which grow only in a particular mountain range. When visited by someone with some physical or spiritual condition, Sabina served as a guide on the patient’s journey to, and return from, spiritual realms (along with a cure for the illness). To Sabina, mushrooms were an instrument for connecting dimensions and realities that happen in parallel. Because of their peculiarity, intensity, and various reports of effectiveness, Sabina’s healing sessions became very popular in the Mexico of the early 1950s.

Sabina’s total dedication to the healing practice began around the middle of her life during that same decade. Her healing ceremonies with fungi included Mazatec chants, tobacco smoke, mezcal consumption, and ointments extracted from medicinal plants. Such rituals were made at night, for it was at this hour that healer was accompanied and guided by the stars to the kingdoms of the afterlife.

The Spiritual Magic Mushroom

Huautla are known locally as the children saints and are typically medium to large size mushrooms of high potency that sporulate very minimally.

Huautla shrooms are know to reliably elicit spiritually meaningful experiences permeated with intense feelings of love and unity. They also provide a strong sense of connection with nature and the universe as a whole.

The psychedelic effects manifest in excellent hallucinations, both visual and auditory. Synesthesia occurs right in the middle of the high, confusing your brain even more. You’ll start giggling uncontrollably after a few minutes post-consumption. Everything becomes funnier and more enjoyable when you’ve taken a bite from Huautla.

Therapeutically speaking, this Psilocybe strain is known for its euphoric and calming effects. Your body will relish in a state of healing sedation that seems to never end. At the very least, it won’t end until the high ends, in a few hours. During this experience, it’s better to focus on the goals you have in mind. Do you want to get rid of anxiety or depression? Focus on those and Huautla will do the rest!

This strain provides the following effects:

  • Potent visual hallucinations
  • Synesthesia – hearing colours and seeing sounds
  • Temporal distortions
  • Uncontrollable laughter
  • Euphoric feeling
  • Improved creativity
  • Ego dissolution, which comes when ingesting higher doses

Like all psilocybin mushrooms, these Huautlas may send a user on a powerful psychedelic trip. These trips usually begin in 30-60 minutes with fairly benign yawning fits, followed by laughter or emotional expression. Peak effects occur after about an hour, and can last for up to six more hours. Some users may experience changes in how they perceive time, as well as visual hallucination. If you’re a newer user, begin by taking a dose between 1 and 1.5 grams. More experienced users can increase their dosage to 2.5 grams. Shamanic doses range from 3-4 grams.

Taking Huautla magic mushrooms is easy Some of the methods are:

  • Eating them straight up
  • Making mushroom tea
  • Lemon Tekking

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