Psilocybe cubensis is a fungus belonging to the Hymenogastraceae family. It is a species of psychedelic mushrooms that has psilocybin and psilocin as their principal active compounds. They are well-known and preferred due to their ease of cultivation.

Penis Envy Mushrooms are a potent variety or strain of Psilocybe cubensis, resulting from recessive genetic mutations. They are moderately arduous to grow and prefer soil enriched with nutrients and optimum temperature conditions. Colloquially, they are known as Psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms.

The psychoactive effects of Penis Envy magic mushrooms are reported to be similar to most other Psilocybe cubensis varieties, with added intensity, and distinctly more “wavy” visual hallucinations (as opposed to other strains like Mazatepec or Hualta, which often elicit geometric hallucinatory patterns). These effects can include vivid visual stimulation, intense feelings of euphoria, deep introspection, philosophical thoughts, tremendous joy, distortion of space and time, synesthesia (i.e. hearing colours, seeing sounds), “mystical” or spiritual feelings of connectedness to the universe, and even out of body experiences. 

While testing is not accessible to conclusively prove the following theory, it’s thought by many experts that Penis Envy mushrooms contain not only higher concentrations of psychoactive compounds, but a higher ratio of psilocin to psilocybin. (Note that a typical cubensis mushroom contains somewhere in the neighbourhood of 0.8 percent to 1.2 percent active compounds by dry weight.) Psilocin and psilocybin are the two compounds found in magic mushrooms with the highest concentration (although over 30 other alkaloids have been identified in various Psilocybe species), and therefore are the two compounds most responsible for the psychedelic effects. Interestingly, it is actually psilocin, not psilocybin, that is able to bind with the 5-HT2A receptor in the human brain and cause these effects, however psilocybin is quickly dephosphorylated into psilocin by the liver after ingestion. 

This higher psilocin:psilocybin ratio effectively serves to make the onset of effects occur slightly sooner and “heavier” when taking Penis Envy mushrooms (since the body does not have to dephosphorylate as much psilocybin into psilocin), however it does not affect the overall duration of the experience very much. It is also commonly reported that a Penis Envy mushroom experience carries less “body load” and leaves the user feeling light, euphoric, energetic, and unencumbered. To put it succinctly, in a phrase that is possibly a little overused in the psychedelic space, it is a very “clean” mushroom high. 


The characteristic features of the Penis Envy Mushroom include:

⦁ Dense wrinkly stripe
⦁ Thick stalk that tapers upwards
⦁ The underdeveloped bulbous cap sometimes separated from the stem
⦁ Absence of velum or veil to divide the stem and the cap
⦁ Short and small but dense features of the body


It says that Dennis and Terrence McKenna, found the original Penis Envy Mushroom in the Amazon Rainforest in the early 70s. From there, rumor has it that mycologist and psychonaut Terrence McKenna isolated it.According to a theory, the McKenna brothers sent Steven Pollock, a revolutionary mycologist, the spore print of the original mushrooms. Isolation and research by Pollock led to the creation of the Penis Envy Mushroom strain.

As Psilocybin mushrooms gain popularity, Penis Envy is sure to become known as the preeminent variety to choose if you are looking for an exceptionally euphoric, distinctly visual, and profoundly introspective mushroom experience.

Penis Envy Mushroom Effects

Amongst mushroom and psilocybin enthusiasts, the Penis Envy Mushroom is an absolute winner for most. The Penis Envy Mushroom strain is known as the most potent Psilocybe Cubensis magic mushroom variety. Effects felt from this strain can include vivid visual stimulation, intense feelings of euphoria, deep introspection, philosophical thoughts, tremendous joy, distortion of space and time, synesthesia (ie. hearing colors, seeing sounds), ‘mystical’ or spiritual feelings of connectedness to the universe, and even out of body experiences. In fact, those who have tried psilocybin mushrooms and have experienced Penis Envy Mushroom strain effects have reported feeling:

  • Hypnagogic Experiences – 1-2.5g includes increased intensity of emotional experiences, increased introspection, and altered psychological functioning.
  • Perceptual Shifts – Changes in perceptual shifts such as illusions, synaesthesia, and mixing sensory modalities are experienced.
  • Visual Perception – You may experience changes in your visual perception such as halos around lights and objects and geometric patterns, when your eyes are closed.
  • Personal Perspective – Your thoughts and emotions will also start to change.
  • Emotional Shifts – Strong emotions are often experienced, ranging from good and bad. Most recommend that you don’t resist these emotions in either direction, but rather let them work their own course. Many who do report strong negative emotions also report a simultaneous sense of calm acceptance and detachment from them, especially if they remind themselves that the emotions are temporary.

High doses can lead to the ability to ‘hear colors’ and ‘taste sounds.’ The ability is also known as synesthesia. Depending on the dosage, its effects last up to six hours.


Due to the high potency of the Penis Envy Mushroom, the amount consumed has to be strictly regulated. People can ingest a small amount for the effects to show. Approximately a gram of it is enough to initiate powerful hallucinogenic outcomes.

As already mentioned, the Penis Envy mushroom is a particularly potent variety of mushrooms. This can make it unsuitable for new users due to the intensity of the experience. It’s perhaps not the best one to start with but something to work up to over a period of time. 

As with all mushroom varieties, the dosage needed depends on a number of factors including: 

  • The amount of food eaten before ingestion
  • Age of mushrooms
  • Storage methods
  • Tolerance levels of the user
  • Level of high wanted

Penis Envy Dosage Amounts 

These are the general Penis Envy dosage amounts required for mild or 

Micro – 0.1g – 0.5g

Mild – 0.5g – 1g

Medium – 1g – 2g

Strong – 2g-3g 

It is not recommended to take more than 3g on your first experience. The effects produced can be too strong and overwhelming. Advanced users may proceed with caution at this dose range.

Ways to Enjoy Penis Envy

There are many ways to enjoy Penis Envy. Most users have their own favorite way to enjoy it. It all comes down to preferences around taste and level of experience you are seeking. 

Chew and Swallow

The traditional way of taking magic mushrooms is to simply eat them. To get the best effect from this method, ensure that you chew them well so that the natural salivas in your mouth can release the compounds within the mushroom. You can expect to feel effects in about 45 minutes depending on how much food you’ve eaten. 

It’s not recommended to eat a heavy meal within a few hours of beginning to feel the effects. 

Tea Infusion

Many people don’t like the taste of mushrooms so don’t want to eat them directly. By using the mushrooms to make your tea, by brewing it in hot water, you’ll take away some of the earthy taste. 

It’s really easy to do. Just boil the correct amount of water in a pan, measure out your mushrooms and chop them into small pieces. Chopping them will allow the substances to be released more quickly into the water. Keep the pan on the heat and let it simmer but not boil. After 10-15 minutes, you can take it off the heat and let it cool enough to drink. 


Spice up your cooking by adding mushrooms to your food. This method is popular with people who often feel queasy when taking mushrooms in other ways. 

When experimenting with recipes, remember that the active compounds will break down under intense and prolonged heat, so add them in at the last minute or in sauces. 

Lemon Tek

If you’re looking for a tastier, more intense trip, then Lemon Tek is the way to go. The acid in the lemons breaks down the psilocybin in the mushrooms which lets you feel the effects faster and intensify the entire experience. People prefer this method because it’s faster and more intense. Here’s how to make a Lemon Tek. 

  • Use a grinder to get your mushrooms into a fine powder
  • Weigh out the correct amount
  • Add the powder to a small glass
  • Squeeze a fresh lemon or lemon juice (not diluted) into the glass and mix together. There should be enough lemon juice to cover the powder
  • Stir with a spoon every 5 minutes 
  • After 20 minutes drink the Lemon Tek in one go, as you would with a shot of alcohol 
  • If there is a lot of mixture left coating the glass, then swirl a little bit of water around the glass and drink that too

If you’re not a regular user, this technique can be a little overwhelming, so start off small. Use around half the amount of penis envy dosage  you usually would and build up slowly from there if it’s not strong enough for you. 

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