The “set” is your mindset and the “setting” is your surroundings. Making sure that you’re in the right frame of mind, with the right people, and in a good environment, can literally make or break your trip.

Taking the set and setting into consideration can drastically increase the probability that we have are a really good time, not taking it into account may very well the probability of having not the experience you want.


Do you have a guide for the session? Someone to take care of you?

For any user of psychedelics (especially a new user), a guide for your trip is recommended. An ideal guide is someone who has experience with psychedelics .

The sitter acts as a reassuring figure in the midst of a disorientating experience. He or she takes care of the physical setting, monitors the music, and, most importantly, acts as a sensitive pillar of support for the consumer .


The setting is the surrounding in which the trip occurs. It includes the physical environment and the space for the session.

There are two options for a physical setting when taking psychedelics:

  • An uncluttered, comfortable room with a couch or bed.
  • A familiar outdoor setting.

If you decide to take a psychedelic indoors, pick a clean, uncluttered place with a couch or bed, and access to a toilet. Make sure there is a variety of soft pillows and blankets and some sort of stereo system. Your goal is to create and maintain a simple environment that supports inner peace.

If taken outdoors, psychedelics will create a more extroverted experience. Connecting to nature becomes an essential part of the experience. However, even if tripping outdoors, make sure there is a space to lie down. Bring a blanket and music along.


‘Situation’ refers to how the person integrates the experience into his or her life. It begins with the end of the formal session and extends for weeks, or even months, into the future.

Make a pointed effort to sit down and figure out what matters most to you from your experience: Did you have any groundbreaking insights into your habits, daily actions, or thought processes? Are there any people in your life who you should reach out to? Or, alternatively, people who bring you down and you must leave behind?

Be patient with yourself when making these decisions. Do not make any major life changes for the first few weeks. Instead, give yourself time to integrate your experience. The exception would be to stop any toxic behaviors, like overconsumption of alcohol or drugs.

If you plan to talk to others about your experience, understand many will not be interested. Remember, your psychedelic trip is primarily an internal experience. Keep it internal. Grow from it. Use it to help you reach a higher level of self-awareness.

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