Surfing is one of the most popular sports on the planet. With tens of millions of surfers across the world, the surfing community is connected together by the vastness of the oceans that form the stage for the sport. Due to its growing popularity and global reach, modified forms of surfing are also fast becoming popular with the masses. A popular variation of surfing is the SUP, which stands for Stand-Up Paddle surfing; this form of surfing involves using a modified surfboard and paddling oneself forward on the waters.

Surfing is a sport that is intricately linked with the water bodies on earth. As a result, surfers are naturally environmentally conscious and visibly concerned about the health and welfare of the water bodies of this blue planet of ours. In fact, surfing can be considered as a truly ecological sport as it can help raise awareness about the condition of the environment in general, and of the oceans and seas in particular.

But strangely, the very sport that holds the promise of creating environmental awareness has been one of the greatest polluters of the ecosystem.

Traditional Surfboards: An Environmental (And Human) Hazard

Traditionally surfboards have been composed of a core material that is usually a synthetic compound such as polystyrene. This core is enclosed in a fiberglass shell, and the entire structure is held together by an epoxy resin binder.

None of the components of traditional surfboards bear the characteristics of being environmentally sustainable. The polystyrene core and fiberglass used in the process are entirely non-biodegradable, and the epoxy resin that is used to bind the board together contains toxins. Once a traditional surfboard is disposed of, the materials cannot be reused or recycled, thus adding to the growing amounts of non-biodegradable waste.

Further, the chemical products used and released during the process of manufacturing these surfboards get added to the environment causing untold deterioration of the ecological balance. It also poses serious threats to human health and safety.

In such a scenario, the need for an environmentally sustainable way of developing surf and SUP boards was much needed. And this is exactly what Hempearth promises with its very own line of the world’s first Surf and SUP boards made entirely from hemp.

Hempearth Wave 1.0

Hempearth is on a mission of making hemp-based alternative materials a reality for the world. Wave 1.0 is Hempearth’s line of surf and SUP boards that are made from 100% organic hemp fiber. Created after three years of intense effort, the Wave 1.0 proudly stands as the world’s first surf and SUP boards that have been made entirely from hemp, recycled bio-foam and 100% plant-based resin. The Wave 1.0 does not use any fiberglass components in its construction, thus making it entirely sustainable for the environment. Further, the use of natural, non-toxic products helps to prevent hazards to humans as well as other life forms.

Apart from being obviously environment-friendly, the Wave 1.0 is also lighter and more robust than fiberglass surfboards that are normally used by surfers. The surfboards ride through the high and heavy waves with unmatched dexterity. Further, the SUP boards can be used in oceans, seas as well as rivers with equal ease. Being lightweight the boards can be easily carried and transported.

Hempearth manufactures the surf and SUP boards in the USA and Costa Rica. For its manufacturing processes, Hempearth uses biodegradable hemp-composites that have been developed in-house by the Hempearth team.

Hemp in the Surfing Industry

The use of hemp in the surfing industry has opened up an ocean of possibilities hitherto unavailable. The versatile nature of hemp composite makes it the perfect material for use in surfing products, replacing harmful synthetics in the process. With high tensile strength and anti-microbial properties hemp stands as the perfect material for building surfboards and paddleboards.

But the uses of hemp fibers in the surfing industry need not be limited to building just surfboards and paddleboards. Apart from the above, hemp can also be used to manufacture other surfing accessories such as wet-suits and surfboard bags. The versatility of hemp is what makes it an attractive option for use in the manufacture of surfing products.

Advantages of Using Hemp Boards

The ideas of using hemp-based surfboards and paddleboards are ones that carry multiple benefits for the environment as well as the surfers themselves. Let’s explore some of the many benefits that hemp boards have:

  • High Degree of Robustness-Hemp fiber is naturally robust, and hemp composites are one of the strongest materials available. Studies suggest that hemp is actually stronger than steel. Naturally, surfboards made from hemp are very sturdy and can withstand the high level of wear and tear that accompanies riding the waves. This results in an increase in the longevity of the boards.
  • Entirely Biodegradable- A surfboard made from hemp is wholly biodegradable. This means that after you dispose of the board, all its components are going to be reclaimed by nature.
  • UV Resistant-Hemp is UV resistant, so your surfboard and paddleboard will be naturally protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Using hemp-based surfboards means you no longer have to worry about going out to ride the waves on those sunny days.
  • No Harmful By-products- As hemp surfboards and paddleboards are made from one hundred percent recyclable and natural products, their manufacturing processes do not release any pollutants into the environment.

Apart from the above benefits, Hempearth’s Wave 1.0 comes with a stylish design that promises to grab eyeballs when you take it out for a ride on the waters. The Wave 1.0 has been tested by professional surfers for performance and promises the best surfing experience.

Let’s Ride

The use of hemp composites in surfboards and paddleboards promises to revolutionize surfing forever. With its strong eco-sustainable message and high levels of performance, the Wave 1.0 is a game-changer. So, stop reading, grab your Hempearth hemp-board, and hit the waves!

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