Its, been a few months since we received our first Hempearth WAVE 1.0 prototype made from 100% Hemp Fiber using a plant based epoxy, recycled foam and absolutely zero fiberglass.

We had a pro ride our first Hempearth WAVE 1.0 for a month for testing, and he said he wouldn’t change anything. HEMP rides through heavy waves and is lighter and stronger than fiberglass with less impact on our oceans and our environment. We are super excited Hempearth WAVE 1.0 Paddleboards are now available for purchase. It opens up a completely different stream of awesome as Paddleboards can be used in rivers and lakes and oceans. We are really excited to be marketing this product world wide.

What is a stand up Paddle boarding you ask?

Stand up paddle surfing and stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is an offshoot of surfing that originated in Hawaii. Unlike traditional surfing where the rider sits until a wave comes, stand up paddle boarders stand on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water. The sport was documented in a 2013 report that identified it as the outdoor sporting activity with the most first-time participants in the United States that year.Variations include flat water paddling for outdoor recreation, fitness, or sightseeing, racing on lakes, large rivers and canals, surfing on ocean waves, paddling in river rapids (whitewater SUP), Paddle board yoga and even fishing.

Stand up paddlers wear a variety of wet suits and other clothing, depending on water and air temperature since most of their time is spent standing on the board.

A related, traditional sport, paddleboarding, is done kneeling on a board and paddling with the hands, similar to a butterfly swimming stroke. The term “kooks” is sometimes incorrectly used to refer to stand up paddle surfing.

Order your Hempearth WAVE 1.0 Surf or SUP board on our website by emailing us at Retail price is $2200USD for our SUP’s and $799USD for our Surf Boards, shipping not included. We are also always looking for new Ambassadors for our boards so if you think you have what it takes email us!

Order Here: HEMPEARTH WAVE 1.0 Surfboard 

Order Here: HEMPEARTH WAVE 1.0 SUP (Paddleboard)

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