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Bud Oil For Cancer, Illness And Disease 3 Month Treatment 60grams

 A velvety smooth oil with a taffy like consistency.  Made from all organic matter.  No poisons or pesticides here.   

You can place your order by sending us an INTERAC e-transfer In Canada Security Question Is What Year Is It? Answer 2017 Email us for more info on how to order in Usa Worldwide, or if you have any questions, and to place your order today Hempearth@mail.com Comes with FREE Ongoing Consultation USA, Canada And Costa Rica Customers Only $1700USA  or  Order By Email  

Bud Oil Tincture

Our organic bud oil suspended in an organic extra virgin olive oil base.  30 mls bottle has 6 full grams of bud oil, 15 mls bottle has 3 full grams of bud oil.  Shake vigourously before using.  A 30 mls. bottle contains 60 (sixty) doses of 10 drops each.  Great at bedtime for sleep.  Helps for pain management. Very potent, use sparingly at first, recommend 2 drops to start. 30ml $250USA Order by Email Hempearth@mail.com Canada Only Express Post Shipping

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Our Special Formulated Bud Oils And CBD Oils, CBD Suppositories, CBD Capsules, CBD Skin Care Are Highly Potent, Full Spectrum And Decarboxylated Available To Order Now! 

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