HEMPEARTH – Premium Syringes


HEMPEARTH Premium Syringes

  • Non-GMO 
  • 100% natural and Canadian 
  • Absolutely No fillers
  • Pesticide and Herbicide Free
  • Artisinal and Craft
  • Note: All orders outside of Canada are in USD.
  • Minimum order to the USA $300.00
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HEMPEARTH Premium Syringes

Product description

Each Syringe contains 1g Distillate
Distillate + Terpenes

Note: Depending on strain the color might be different that cover image, but always clear and see through. See added image for the other color to expect. Super Potent.

  • Note: All orders outside of Canada are in USD.
  • Minimum order to the USA $300.00
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