HEMPEARTH PLA 30% is a hemp 100% Bio-Based product. This product is used generally in injection molding, but may be used for other forming methods as developed by individual users. HEMPEARTH Plastic PLA is designed to be a drop-in replacement for conventional fossil fuel based polymers.

See datasheet for molding recommendations.


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Product description

HEMPEARTH Plastic PLA pellets at 30% Hemp

HEMPEARTH Plastic is made with bio-based microfiber-
additive package combined with high load of 30% Hemp, unlike our competitors at 25%

We are currently offering natural color and natural brown colors, and we have these samples available for shipping. Specific colors can be accommodated to meet the color according to specification. Coloring our material is pretty simple and pigmentation does not alter the performance, so fundamentally any color you would like we can work with.  We also produce Hemp Propylene, Hemp Ethylene, Hemp Abs

HEMPEARTH Plastic is supplied as pellets
in 50 pound sample boxes, 1200 pound Gaylord boxes. Temperatures during transportations
and storage may not exceed 50°C (122°F) at any
time. Storage time of bags may not surpass 12
months at room temperature. HEMPEARTH Plastic should be dried at 90°C (194°F) to until
moisture content falls below 300 ppm prior to use.

The property values listed above are calculated
under standard temperature and humidity
conditions. These property values should be
viewed as guidelines only, and may vary based on
processing conditions. No warranties of any kind,
either expressed or implied are made regarding
products described or regarding designs, data or
information set forth.

HEMPEARHT Plastics Settings, °F* Settings, °C*

Feed Throat 70 21
Feed Section 350-375 177-191
Zone 1 375-395 191-205
Zone 2 375-395 191-200
Zone 3 375-395 191-200
Zone 4 375-395 191-200
Hot Runner 375-395 191-200
Nozzle 395-410 200-210
Cold Mold Set up 80-90 27-32
Hot Mold Set up 212-230 100-110

*These settings are intended as a starting point. Optimization may be required.

HEMPEARTH Plastic is supplied semi-
crystalline with a Tm of 170°C – 180°C.

Drying prior to processing is essential. A moisture content
less than 100 ppm is recommended to prevent
viscosity degradation.

Process temperatures must not exceed 230°C. In
order to achieve high Heat Deflection
Temperatures hot molding or annealing of the part
is required. Typical hot mold and annealing
temperatures in the range of 90°C – 110°C

Shipping Fees: Prices include shipping and handling for delivery within the US and Canada ( exclusions apply). Additional charges may occur for other locations.

Delivery:  Allow 8 to 10 business days for processing and delivery (some exceptions).

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