HEMPEARTH Chem Berry D – Sativa Dominant AAAA+


HEMPEARTH Chem Berry D – Sativa Dominant AAAA+

  • Non-GMO 
  • 100% natural and Canadian 
  • Pesticide and Herbicide Free
  • Artisinal and Craft
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HEMPEARTH Chem Berry D – Sativa Dominant AAAA+

Product description

A collective of highly experienced farmers. Flower is dried in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. After this, cold curing takes place for a minimum of 14 days. The result is a more pronounced and robust terpene profile and the finest representation of the strain. Respecting the land, air, sea and the first nations of our west coast, we are proud to offer this amazing strain.

Chem Berry D is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain (60% sativa/40% indica) created through crossing the classic Chem 4 X Strawberry Diesel strains. When it comes to uniquely delicious flavors, Chem Berry D totally takes the cake. This delicious bud brings on tastes of sweet citrus and rich strawberries, all accented by a punch of chemical and diesel that will totally leave you coughing. The aroma follows the same profile, although with some pungency to it that intensifies the more you toke. The Chem Berry D high is just as unique as the flavor, with super strong effects that hit both mind and body with an insanely high level of potency thanks to its 25-32% average THC level. You’ll feel a cerebral onset, filling your mind with a sense of creative happiness and euphoria. As your mind lifts, a tingly effect will wash over your body, anchoring you to the physical plane. Thanks to these effects, Chem Berry D is said to be the perfect bud for treating experienced patients suffering from chronic pain, mood swings, appetite loss, chronic stress or anxiety and nausea. This bud has oversized rounded olive green nugs with lots of thin yellow-orange hairs and a coating of tiny green-tinted crystal trichomes.

Body High, Cerebral, Creative, Euphoria, Uplifting
May Relieve
Anxiety, Appetite Loss, Chronic Pain, Mood Swings, Nausea, Stress
Berry, Citrus, Diesel, Fruity, Strawberry
Citrus, Diesel, Earthy, Fruity, Sour

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28 grams

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