At Hempearth, our focus has always been helping the world, awakening and serving the people. We’re not a business that’s focused on making money alone. Instead, we’ve always laid prime importance on innovation, creativity, and inventive genius.

That’s why we decided that we’re not in a hurry to go public and might never. Going public may seem attractive at first, but in the long run, it’s only the first step towards handing over the soul of the company to elitists. We are a private company, and we’re not ready to go that route.

We’re here to carry the mantle of the world’s foremost hemp and mushroom products and much more, and we’re in no hurry to stop.

An Innovator Par Excellence

When a business goes public, its valuation fluctuates in keeping with market perceptions. At Hempearth, we don’t believe this to be the best way to measure the worth of a business.

Instead, we lay emphasis on our product range and the level of innovation that we can achieve. One look at our business, and you’ll see that we’ve achieved innovation on a level that’s unprecedented in the hemp industry and now moving into many other areas.

Within a relatively short span, we’ve gone from a company that deals in hemp seeds, oils, dried materials, including mushrooms to a business that has created hemp aviation composites, hemp surf and SUP boards.

Also, we have been developing our very own hemp plane project using hemp aviation composites and fuels that have been developing in-house.

We also currently have zero debt and no bank loans.

Still, if things are all that rosy for us, why aren’t we listed on the Stock Exchange?

To Answer Once And For All

We get this question often, and the answer is obvious: we are in no hurry to go public. Yes, we understand the allure of seeing your company name on the stock exchange, of getting a unique ticker that denotes your business.

But more than that, we understand that by handing over a part of our company to external authorities, we will be fundamentally weakening the strong foundation of creativity on which our business currently rests. Also, going public means more process and less productivity, which is something we don’t believe in.

Instead, at Hempearth, we follow a different approach. We rely more on the goodwill that we’ve garnered through our consistently profitable business practices. Also, since we don’t depend on the public stage for company promotion, we like to focus more on our dedicated patrons who believe in us and are ready to spread the word about us.

So, to answer the question once and for all: we have no intention of going public at the moment. We’re rather happy with the way things are going at Hempearth and would love to continue on the same path.

No need of a ticker for us! Quality Service - Fast shipping - Organic Products
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