As some of you might know, HEMPEARTH Group Ltd has been developing its very own revolutionary 100% Hemp Composites since 2018 with teams out of Montreal and Australia. Its not easy to develop your very own aviation composites especially made out of Hemp, but it is a revolutionary next level step in the right direction of more eco friendly products and a more sustainable earth.

In order to develop your own hemp composites you first must fine the right tex/yarn tow for the applications you plan on using them for see pictures below. We basically had to mimic some fiberglass samples in order to create a natural composite which starts with the right thread, weight, how hairy the thread, the twist and what a threads textile strength is. We assure you it hasn’t been easy, but because of our company’s perseverance and continued consistency our first samples are coming to the public soon. It is also a considerable amount of money to develop your own composites from scratch but worth every penny in order to be able to visualize the future with bio materials in all your products and ours, including phones, boats, computers, cars, planes, and even your lawnmower.

What stunned us at the beginning of developing our own hemp composites was that no one on earth was doing what we were doing, and if we can’t figure things out we always ask questions or for someone else’s help so we approached Dupont whom is one of the biggest composites producers of the world, but also part of the Military Industrial Complex like many other innovative companies out there that sign their souls to the devil including Tesla, Space X, Amazon, Microsoft and many others. When a company is in bed with other companies that actually hurt people in a facist ways, this is no way to do business moving forward so we of course turned down Dupont first, they might say its the other way around but we have the emails.

Hemp Fiber is also stronger than Kevlar and non toxic so you can imagine why we haven’t seen anything like what we are producing as it would put a dent in Duponts bottom line similar to how big pharma works – example THC and its ability to cure disease and illness and not just treat it, the first known hemp aviation composite was actually in a 1943 spitfire, they used a bit of Hemp with phenolic resin, years later a whole hemp plane is coming into fruition. Prohibition did slow down the revolutionary process of Hemp but its back in full swing in 2022, and its back with a Vengeance.

Just to give you an idea of how things work when making your own hemp composites, our 100% HEMP Thread comes on a bobbin similar, it has a certain amount of thread per each bobbin, to give you an example our first sample run is 500 kg of fiber thread, which is loaded on bobbins about 140 of them to be exact and then spun into a super strong revolutionary Hempearth Composite. This is just the beginning for us in composite land and we are super excited about the future not only in this area but for bio fuels, hemp wood, hemp plastic and much more.

These materials can also be used to build Boats, Cars, Drones, and anything Fiberglass or Metal can do HEMP can do it better!

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