The Revolution Of Surfing And Paddleboarding Has Begun!

Surfboard shapers are revered as artisans of the surfing lifestyle. Through their vision and skill they turn chunks of foam into refined surfboards that provide us with lifetimes of fun out amongst the waves.

If you are Shaper/Manufacture in the USA and are interested:

Hempearth is Looking to partner with Shaper in the USA, that are dedicated to performance and quality through hard work, innovation, and originality”

Qualities Of A Shaper We are looking for

  • Willing to Vacuum.
  • Able to work with Different Materials such as HEMP
  • Open Mind
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility
  • Work ethic
  • Determination
  • Integrity

Why Vacuum ?

The vacuum not only guarantees that the resin penetrates the layers of fibers without air pockets; thanks to an innovative vacuum process, significantly less resin is required to saturate the layers of fiber more thoroughly than was possible with conventional methods. The vacuum guarantees that the resin is uniformly distributed and completely fills the holes between the fibers. This creates twofold advantages for the final product: the finished composite material is particularly light and yet still demonstrates great stability.

The idea of using hemp-based surfboards and paddleboards are ones that carry multiple benefits for the environment as well as the surfers themselves. Let’s explore some of the many benefits that hemp boards have:

  • High Degree of Robustness-Hemp fiber is naturally robust, and hemp composites are one of the strongest materials available. Studies suggest that hemp is actually stronger than steel. Naturally, surfboards made from hemp are very sturdy and can withstand the high level of wear and tear that accompanies riding the waves. This results in an increase in the longevity of the boards.
  • Entirely Biodegradable- A surfboard made from hemp is wholly biodegradable. This means that after you dispose of the board, all its components are going to be reclaimed by nature.
  • UV Resistant-Hemp is UV resistant, so your surfboard and paddleboard will be naturally protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Using hemp-based surfboards means you no longer have to worry about going out to ride the waves on those sunny days.
  • No Harmful By-products- As hemp surfboards and paddleboards are made from one hundred percent recyclable and natural products, their manufacturing processes do not release any pollutants into the environment.” Quality Service - Fast shipping - Organic Products
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