Yes. You read it right.

Hempearth always has been and will continue to be extremely transparent about its fund-raising process. Our commitment to our investors remains unwavering.

At Hempearth, we celebrate the freedom of creativity and innovation. After all, that is all our products are about: creating something great from seemingly nothing. We took cannabis, a plant that is both famous and infamous, and have crafted numerous products from it that the world has never seen before.

We have no intention of becoming subordinates to the Elitists who still believe that they can rule the world even in the 21st century. The time has come for them to wake up to the new reality that is NOW.

Why Not Go Public?

Why indeed? There is absolutely no reason for us to go for an IPO because going public doesn’t help the public at all. In fact, it only benefits the top players in the industry, who essentially come and carve out a piece of your pie for themselves.

We at Hempearth see no reason for selling out a part of our company for mere money. One cannot expect to be controlled using the same techniques that slave traders used. This is the age of disruptive technology where digital are going to augur freedom from centralized oppression. It’s the dawn of a new era, and the elitists have no place here.

So, why do we oppose the very idea of going public, when other organizations plan for it since their inception? Well, there are in fact several reasons for our inherent aversion towards going public.

Reasons Why We Won’t Go Public

Going public isn’t necessarily the stuff dreams are made of. There are several drawbacks to going public with a company, some of which are explained in detail below.

  • Loss Of Confidentiality- This is one of the greatest disadvantages of taking your company public. When any organization goes the public route, intimate details about their operation and the financial situation suddenly become open to everyone. Business-critical data, disclosure of which may not be to the company’s best interest is often left in the open for all to access. This significantly harms the autonomy of the company.
  • Loss Of Competitive Advantage- Because a public company’s details are available to everyone, this also includes competitors. Just imagine what our competition could do with detailed data about our company operations! By going public, a company stands to lose its competitive edge. And this is something Hempearth is not ready to do ever.
  • Extremely Expensive- The Going public can burn through cash faster than fire. The very act of getting listed on the stock exchange requires going through numerous compliance processes and legalities which can cost a boatload of money. Add to that the continuing expenses of hiring financial experts, periodic audits and reviews that must continue over the company’s lifetime, and you are better off not being in business at all. At Hempearth, we prefer to protect the investment of our patrons by using the money to create amazing products that give guaranteed returns.
  • Loss Of Control- After a company goes public the majority shareholders no longer enjoy the autonomy of decision making. A public company has to comply with the preferences and incorporate the views of all stakeholders in its decision-making process. Decisions which may earlier have taken only a few hours to reach can stretch out into days of trying to achieve agreement. In fact, several minority shareholders can get together and block any decisions you might take. This leads to unnecessary delays in taking critical decisions, lack of centralized consensus and overall confusion. In short, taking a company public can drown it in a quagmire of uncertainty. This is not something we would like to see happen here at Hempearth.
  •  Dependence On Market Fickleness- When your company is listed on the stock exchange your total valuation is subject to the fluctuations in the market. A stray rumor or temporary lapse in performance metrics can result in shareholders pulling out of your company, causing the prices of your shares to tank. This in no way bodes well for any company. We believe in determining our own future and not depend on the whims of others.
  • Increased Oversight- A public company always has to operate under the oppressive eye of Big Brother and work according to their rules and regulations. While we have the utmost respect for government and the rule of law, we do not condone bullying in any form, even when it comes from an organization such as the Securities Exchange.
  • Less Work, More Management- Taking a company public comes with a lot of bells and whistles. And to take care of these regulatory compliances and associated tasks a significant amount of manpower is required. This essentially diverts important hands from doing the work of the company to maintaining the rules of external agencies. Ultimately this harms the organization in the long run.

These are only some of the reasons why we prefer to not go public.

Right Where We Want To Be

At Hempearth, our prime focus has always been the best interests of our investors, both public and private. So far, we’ve raised a little over $100,000 in funding (for details, please see our white paper here). Going forward, we want to reassure all our private share holders that Hempearth will continue to operate according to the laws of the land but will never compromise on its autonomy and integrity.

Going public may come with a lot of perks, but at Hempearth we do not believe in operating from a gilded cage. Hempearth will always continue to soar high with its bevy of hemp products that ensure the new era belongs to the bold and the free.

We are also not associated with “any” Securities Exchange, The Rockefeller’s, The Rothchilds, The Dupont Family, The Kosch Family, The Chase family or The Military Industrial Complex. We are a Private Family super transparent Corporation with integral values, and pure hearts that work only for the benefit of all Humanity and Mother Earth. All investment is “guaranteed” or full refunds provided at companies “Sole discretion”. Each investor is provided with minimum 2 company receipts one similar to a bond and containing a QR code.  When we reach a level of profitability, each investor shall be notified and further instructions provided. Patience is key. We have 45 very lucky investors so far. Regular email updates are provided. Hempearth Private Shares are not securities as stated in our original white paper.

“Don’t Go Public.” – Evan Spiegel CEO SNAP

“Am considering taking Tesla private at $420.” Funding secured. – Elon Musk CEO TESLA Quality Service - Fast shipping - Organic Products
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