Hempearth Group is always on the look out for exciting businesses to partner or work with. From early stage start up to multi-million corporate companies, we offer a range of opportunities.

To see which opportunity is most suitable for you and your business, please read below.

Are you starting a new business?

Growing your existing business?

Want to work with an existing Hempearth company?

If your proposal relates to working with one of the already established Hempearth companies within the Group listed below, please contact that Hempearth Company directly as each existing Hempearth company takes responsibility for growing and developing its own business.

Want to partner with the Hempearth Group to grow your existing business?

Hempearth welcomes proposals to partner with experienced management teams and companies with positive cashflow looking to use the Hempearth brand. 

We are selective so make sure you have a good business plan to fit with one of our existing companies. If a company is not listed below but you still have your own Hempearth Company vision, please also email the Hempearth Team at hempearthcanada@gmail.com with your proposal, we look forward to hearing from you.

Available Hempearth Group Companies

Hempearth Medicine.Health – Psilocybin/Psychedelic/Cannabis/Natural

Hempearth Motors – Hemp Electric Vehicles

Hempearth Air – Hempearth Aircrafts

Hempearth Composites – Aviation and Standard

Hempearth Construction – Wood and Materials – Hemp Construction Materials

Hempearth Plastic – Bio Plastics

Hempearth Edibles – Psilocybin/Cannabis/Natural

Hempearth Bio Fuels – Hemp Fuels

Hempearth Surfboards, Paddleboards

Hempearth Phones

Hempearth Waters sports Including JetSkis, Boats

Hempearth Motors – Cars, Trucks, All Terrain Vehicles

Hempearth Ocean – Boats, Jet-Skis, Submersibles

Email us at hempearthcanada@gmail.com if you have an existing business, and or Positive Cashflow and wish to partner with Hempearth. Each partner shall be provided our full customer list and access to all of our social media.

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