We’ve done it again.

Hempearth has always operated with the environment in mind. Since our inception, we have been concerned with the protection of the planet and sustainable development. And now we have taken another step in the direction of environmental conservation with the advent of our 100% bio-based plastic. This groundbreaking innovation is all set to change the face of plastics as we know it.

But why another variety of plastic? When the very word carries with it catastrophic connotations? Who doesn’t know that plastics, once considered a prime innovation of mankind, are slowly strangling the planet? Why even think of a new line of plastics when scientists the world over are warning about the dire consequences of indiscriminate plastic use?

Yet it is because of this very fact that we have decided to take the leap and offer hemp-based bioplastic. And while others may also purport to market hemp plastic, we bet you that our product outstrips its peers by a large degree.

But more on that later. First let’s take a look at how plastics are slowly pushing us over the brink, and why hemp-based bioplastics from Hempearth can be a viable solution to the plastic problem.

Plastics: The Scourge Of Modern Times

Plastics are basically everywhere.

In your shopping bags, kids toys, gadgets, and even vehicles, plastics have become the one truly ubiquitous material of modern times. And there’s a good reason for it as well. Plastics are tough, last long and don’t get easily damaged. This makes them suitable for use in a wide variety of articles.

But it is this very indestructible property of plastics that has become the cause of concern for the entire planet. Plastics do not degrade, and the millions of tons of plastics that are generated every year eventually find their way into the waste management system.

And therein lies the catch. Disposal of plastics is a very complicated process. You burn them, the result is air pollution. You bury them but they won’t degrade; instead, they end up damaging the soil. So, we have taken the only alternative available: we are dumping them in the oceans.

Nothing could be a greater mistake.

The water bodies of the earth are the fundamental basis of life as we know it: they are what makes our planet unique in the solar system, maybe even the known universe. Plastics are literally choking the oceans, damaging the marine ecosystem and killing aquatic lifeforms. This not only causes severe damage to the earth’s ecological balance but also directly has an effect on the life and livelihoods of humans as well. What’s more, plastics are usually derived from fossil fuels, which makes them even more damaging as regards the environment. Hence, we can safely say that almost every aspect of plastics has had an adverse effect on the planet.

But can we stop using plastics?

The short answer is yes. And that is exactly what we at Hempearth know we are achieving with our Hemp bioplastic.

Hempearth Plastic: The Safe Alternative

Recognizing the need for an environment-friendly substitute for plastic, Hempearth has stepped up and is now offering 100% bio-based plastic. Hempearth PLA 30% is a safe, secure and ecologically sustainable alternative for conventional plastics.

Manufactured from bio-based microfiber, Hempearth plastic incorporates 30% hemp content; this is a significant improvement over existing bioplastics which contain at the most 25% hemp. A greater concentration of hemp imbues the material with the toughness and material strength of hemp fiber.

The very fact that Hempearth plastic is bio-based means that the material is 100% biodegradable. That is to say that unlike conventional polymers that are impossible to destroy, Hempearth plastic can be reclaimed by nature once it has outlived its usefulness. This solves the fundamental problem of plastic disposal. By making the disposal of plastic materials a natural process, we aim to strike pollution at its core and eliminate the plastic problem once and for all.

Hempearth plastic is supplied in pellet form; hence it is easy to use and can be utilized for a variety of purposes. Although generally used in injection molding, the material can be used for other forming methods as well. Hempearth plastic is currently available in natural and natural brown colors. However, colors can be incorporated easily based upon a specification. What’s more, the pigmentation process does not affect the material strength and quality in any way, so it’s possible to manufacture Hempearth plastic in any color.

Hempearth plastic pellets are usually supplied in 50 pound and 1200-pound boxes. There are certain temperature and shelf-life restrictions that must be followed with regard to the pellets, for example, transportation and storage temperature must not exceed 50°C at any point of time. In case you want to know more, click here.

It can be safely said that Hempearth plastic incorporates all the benefits of conventional plastics: it is tough, durable and lasts long. What’s more, it also eliminates the most important problems that prolonged use of plastics has brought on the environment. Hempearth bioplastic rightly recognizes the need for a sustainable solution to the plastic problem, and steps in to fill a much-needed void.

The Way To A Better World

Buy HEMPEARTH Plastic online here: https://hempearth.ca/products/hempearth-plastic/


At Hempearth, we believe in paving the way to a better world. For that very reason, we took hemp, a plant considered taboo, and converted it into a valuable resource. Plastics have been around too long to completely forgo. Yet if we want to save the planet, we need to immediately replace this menace with a bio alternatives that can work better than the conventional plastics and be easy on the environment as well.

We believe Hempearth plastic is the answer to the plastic problem. And we want your cooperation to make the world a cleaner, safer place for future generations. Come, let’s all switch to Hempearth plastic, and work towards a cleaner future. 

Buy HEMPEARTH Plastic: https://hempearth.ca/products/hempearth-plastic/

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