Want to support legal hemp production, but not sure how? It can be as simple as choosing our HEMPEARTH 100% HEMP Board over plywood for your next building project. Take a few tips from the experts into consideration.

The great benefit to growing hemp instead of other crops is that no pesticides are needed. Pests are naturally averse to the cannabis plant, so farmer saves money and time, and you can buy our products that are good for the environment. In addition to saving the world from pesticides, you are saving trees while you are at it.

Hemp not only saves trees, but it is more efficient.

“Trees take 10 years to grow. Hemp only takes four or five months.”  So there it is, in a nutshell – the first advantage of hemp fiberboard over wood.

A Congressional Research Service (CSR) report titled “Hemp as an Agricultural Commodity” published Feb 14, 2014 expands on this. According to the report, “Industrial hemp production statistics indicate that one acre of hemp yields … an average of 5,300 pounds of straw, which can be transformed into about 1,300 pounds of fiber. “

By comparison, a report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture reveals that a single acre of trees produces less than one-fourth the amount of fiber from an acre of hemp.

“The longest bundle of fibers in an old-grown Douglas Fir is three-quarters of an inch.”  “When you take a hemp plant, that bast fiber on the outside is going to be as long as that plant is tall.”

Not only is the Hemp fiber longer than wood, but it is higher quality.

“That fiber doesn’t break down after just a few seconds,” This is important because the extraction process is used to bond the strong hemp fiber with other materials to create our HEMPEARTH 100% Hemp Board

Our hemp fiberboard  is strong, and stands up to force, but also is flame retardant and water resistant as well.

Hemp hurds are pressed and injected with not toxic phenolic resin to make our particle board that is resistant to fire and water,”  “Our board also makes a good insulation and thermal barrier.”

With all of these benefits, why would you build using Hemp?

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