Hemp biocomposites

There was a time when hemp was a commonly grown plant. For over 10,000 years or more, ancient civilizations such as the Mesopotamian and Chinese have been using this crop for food as well as fiber.

Then, as time turned, hemp slowly became known as a narcotic source and was relegated into the depths of notoriety.

However, despite the stigma attached to the recreational use of marijuana, today hemp has become one of the major bearers of scientific innovation. And at Hempearth, we daresay that we’ve had a hand in the matter!

After all, we’ve created many firsts when it comes to being creative with hemp. We have the world’s first hemp phone, hemp surf boards and SUP boards. And today, we’re all set to revolutionize the aviation industry by means of our hemp biocomposites.

Wait, did we say hemp biocomposites?

Yes! You heard us right! At Hempearth, we’ve successfully developed hemp-based biocomposite materials that are stronger, lighter but most of all sustainable. With this innovation, we’re ready to give toxic based synthetics a run for their money.

Interested to know more? Well then, let’s take a tour, shall we?

What Are Hempearth Biocomposites?

First, let’s begin by defining what Hempearth biocomposites are. To understand this better, it’s important to understand what composites are in general.

A composite is an industrial material that’s made from multiple constituent materials. All these components have different physical and chemical properties, but when combined together give a resultant material with desirable traits.

A Hemp biocomposites is a composite material that’s created by mixing a resinous matrix together with hemp fibers. The resin protects the fibers from environmental degradation, and also gives it mechanical strength.

When talking about reinforcement properties, hemp is unmatched in the world of fibers. As we’ve already mentioned, hemp has a tensile strength-of-material that makes it potentially stronger than Kevlar. This alone is enough to tell you the strength of hemp composites.

Why Are Hemp Biocomposites So Attractive?

For developing the right hempearth composites, the first step is to select the appropriate yarn/tex. Important factors to understand in this respect are weight, fiber content, twist and tensile strength.

From there, it’s a complex chemical process that involves selecting the right resinous base, and chemically binding it with the hemp fiber. While we’re not going to go into all the technical nitty-gritty, suffice to say that the resultant material is a revolutionary new composite.

But why are hemp biocomposites so very in-demand?

The answer lies in the broad range of uses to which the hemp fiber can be put to. Hemp composites can be used in a number of products, such as manufacturing furniture, fabric and even automotive parts.

Another major use of hemp biocomposites is in the construction industry, where it’s used to manufacture a wide variety of building materials such as bricks, plaster, cement and even paint. On that note, we’d like to mention that Hempearth is already offering its very own Hempearth Plastic PLA which comes in biobased, compostable pellets.

What’s more, apart from being extremely versatile and robust, hempearth biocomposites are also entirely environment friendly. In fact, in combination with plant-based resins, they make a biodegradable material that rivals most major synthetic composites in quality.

Plus the hemp plant is extremely easy to cultivate, doesn’t need much maintenance, and has a relatively low growth cycle. Hemp plants take only about three to four months to reach maturity, which makes them extremely time as well as cost-effective.

All the above factors combined together make hemp biocomposites one of the best industrial materials in modern times. And we’re glad to say that Hempearth has been a pioneer in the development of hemp composites.

Why Hempearth Is The Leader In Hemp Biocomposites?     

When Hempearth started to delve into developing hemp biocomposites, we were surprised to find the no one on the planet was utilizing this material like we were about to do. So, we decided to venture into uncharted territory…

And we’re so very glad that we did! The task hasn’t been easy, but we’ve succeeded in developing and have been making 100% hemp composites since 2018. And the icing on the cake: we’re already on route to developing the world’s first airplane made out of hemp!

Yes, you heard us right. We’re all set to revolutionize the aviation industry with the 1st hemp-plane. We also are in the process of develping our very own hemp-based biofuel that can be used to power our line of aircrafts.

This represents a significant advancement in the field of aviation. By using hemp composites for building lighter, more fuel-efficient aircrafts, we are all set to create a future where the aviation industry can be environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly.

This, however, is just the beginning for us here at Hempearth. We’re also ready with our own line of hemp-wood, and hemp plastic. In short, we have envisioned a future where the entire world can benefit from the wonderful properties of the hemp plant.

Let’s Join Hands

At Hempearth, we are committed to building an environmentally sustainable future where the entire world can be free of the ravages of pollution. Through our product line, we aim to set an example that remains etched in the annals of history.

And we want you on that journey with us. By investing in Hempearth, you can be a part of this wonderful adventure. At this point, we’d like to mention that we are an entirely private company, and have no intention of selling our soul and getting caught up in the public market.

When you invest in Hempearth, you can rest assured that you’re not investing in a mere company, but multiple companies, and an innovative think tank that’s set to craft the future of the world. We’re already on track to creating better, more attractive products.

So, come, be a part of the Hempearth journey. It’s going to be exciting, it’s going to be profitable, and above all, it’s going to be an adventure of a lifetime.

Let’s join hands, and build the future of the earth together.

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