Why do people invest?

An investor is essentially an adventurer, an explorer on the path to discovery. By investing in a company, an investor supports the organization in its journey.

At Hempearth, we have always celebrated this spirit of adventure. Right from the beginning of our business, the focus has been on the creation and introduction of products that successfully upend the status quo of society. And thanks to the overwhelming response of our esteemed patrons, we’ve succeeded in achieving stellar results within a relatively short period of time. And while we no doubt celebrate our success, there still remains a lot to be done.

Recently, however, we’ve been receiving queries of a different kind altogether, queries that have made us think. Perhaps it’s because of our unprecedented performance, but there are those who wonder why we are not going public.

Of course, they argue, that going public is the best way for a company to expand. Without going public, an organization cannot hope to garner the required capital for it to explore its full potential. After all, it’s through an IPO that all corporations went major. Also, there’s the fact that an IPO improves investor confidence. Considering the above, it’s only natural that people would want us to go public.

Thankfully, we have no plans to do so anytime soon!

And Why Is That?

While going public may appear to be a big celebration for any company, in reality, the reverse is true. When a company goes public it basically sells its soul to the elite in exchange for money. By buying shares of the organization, major corporations and moneymakers slowly take control of the company processes and eventually take over the very essence of the business. Instead of being an engine of change and growth.

And Hempearth is never going that way.

Truth is, going public today would mean giving away control of the business to external stakeholders, who may or may not align with our vision of growth. Hempearth believes in providing an equal chance to all investors, big and small. But by going public, the chances of all investors getting an honorable piece of the pie, become really elusive.

 And why not? After all, when a company goes public, most of the shares are bought by larger corporations looking to steer the business according to their own whims. And Hempearth is simply not going to bow down to them.

Why Invest In Hempearth

In two of our previous posts we’ve already elucidated why we’re not going public; at least not in the present elitist environment. But then how can we expect investors to support us on our journey? Does investing in a private company as Hempearth still make sense?

Absolutely! When you invest in a private company, such as Hempearth, you stand to gain as much as investing in a public one, and more so. By investing in a private concern, you not only ensure that your investment remains on track, but also become part of a journey that you can be proud of.

Not fully convinced? Well, here are some more reasons why you should invest in a private company.

Private Firms Focus On The Long Term

Because the financial details of public companies are subject to market scrutiny, they are always under tremendous pressure to deliver. This intense focus on quarterly results and meeting short term expectations can often make businesses lose sight of the larger goals. By focusing on short term wins, public companies ultimately end up sacrificing the entrepreneurial spirit of taking risks and facing losses.

In contrast, private firms don’t have to focus on money-making alone; they can take the road less traveled, make the decisions everyone is afraid of, and take those leaps of faith that are so essential in building a product or service that can deliver real value to the end-user. And by investing in a private firm you stand to reap the benefits of being a part of this pioneering feat.

Private Firms Are More Efficiently Run

True to the adage that too many cooks spoil the broth, public firms often become mired in unnecessary politics that makes the decision making a problem. This actually does more harm than good to the goal of making profits.

In contrast, private firms are better managed; they are more efficiently run and can provide much faster and greater returns to investors in terms of investment. Further, they also create more jobs and can better contribute to society.

Final Words

Whether you go with public or private, as an investor, the risk is part of the game. At Hempearth, we are committed to building a brand that can withstand the trials of time and remain a shining example in the world of business, as well as contribute to the well-being of the planet.

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