Cannabis oil, bud oil, elixir of the gods, for people who have been cured or whose quality of life is greatly enhanced by it, they will call it that.  Just where does this wonderful concoction come from? And what is it exactly?

Oils from pharmaceutical grade alcohol or triple distilled alcohol (also know as moonshineare safe to ingest.  After soaking the raw material in the solvent for a period time, the liquid is strained and evaporated over low heat until all the excess solvent and water has disappeared.  What is left is a gooey, tacky, taffy like oil.

Percentages of the active ingredients THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol,  and CBD, short for cannabidiol, in the finished product depends upon the raw material that was used to make it with.  Outdoors grown marijuana produces higher CBD’s than indoor grown marijuana, it seems the suns rays develop the full cannabidiol spectrum in the plant, also the use of the stems of the plant increases the CBD levels, therefore knowing the origins of the raw material may be helpful to you.  Nonetheless, you want to be sure that the raw material used was produced without the use of chemical spray and treatments.  

HEMPEARTH Cannabis oil is for persons seeking a high concentration of THC and CBD.

Typically, good bud oil ranges in the over 90% of THC, with CBD’s ranging from 3%-16% and up for specialized strains.  For proofs this high a rice size amount of oil is lots.  A drop of oil on a lozenge in the early afternoon makes for an energized late afternoon if you suffer from pain and fatigue from pain.

Persons treating cancer have been advised to consume 60 to 180 grams of oil over a certain period depending on the illness and severity.  Detailed instructions can be found on Hempearth’s website.  Many persons have stepped forward over the years with stories of how they restored their health using cannabis oil and as always, choices in health care treatments and remedies must be the patients.

Obtaining quality effective cannabis oil is easy now thanks to Hempearth

Regardless of what anyone is told on the Internet, making potent, high quality oil for oneself is time consuming and frankly dangerous if your not set up to handle flammables.

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