We’ve done it again.

As Hempearth loyalists already know, we believe in pushing the boundaries of the impossible and exploring new horizons. Ever since our inception, the guiding principle behind the creation of our stunning (and no doubt slightly maverick!) collection of products has been the urge to innovate and create something that the world could never think exists.

For this very reason, we have taken hemp, which is innocuous and controversial at the same time, and turned it into products that have breached the notions of mediocrity and taken originality to the level of excellence. And this has enabled us to bring you many amazing products made from hemp.

And now we’ve taken the smartphone plunge.


Yes, you guessed it…we’ve developed a fully functional smartphone, and it is made of hemp! How cool is that!

The Limited Edition HEMPEARTH Phone is the first phone made using Hemp with a unibody design that is sleek, stylish and is already grabbing attention.

But why a phone made of hemp, you ask? Well, the answer lies in the question itself?

The Environment

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Be it reading the newspaper, communication on a personal or business level or even chilling out and watching a movie, we do it all on some form of the electronic device.

Most of these devices are either made of plastic bodies that are not biodegradable; The total amount of electronic waste (e-waste) has already exceeded 50 million tons, with an annual growth rate of between 4% and 5%. And a majority of this waste either consists of harmful metallic components that threaten to destroy the environment or petroleum plastics that are persistent enough to remain in the world for hundreds of years.

At Hempearth we have formulated an elegant solution in the form of the HEMPEARTH Phone using our very own HEMPEARTH Plastics.

Just think of it, a phone that has a body and internal parts made from organic, biodegradable material like hemp is certain to be environment-friendly. But don’t think for a moment that just because it is made from hemp the device is a bland one.

It’s actually the opposite.

What You Get

The HEMPEARTH Phone gives you a stylish unibody design that can put metal to shame. Along with that, you get a 6.3 inches water-drop display with full high definition plus resolution for your viewing pleasure.

And if you are a photography enthusiast, then the 16+8+5MP primary camera is bound to appeal to you; and you also get a 16MP front camera for that perfect selfie.

This HEMP beast is powered by an Octa-Core MediaTek Helio P23 chipset, with 4GB RAM and 32GB of storage to fulfill all your memory requirements. Plus, if you want more space you have the option to expand your storage up to 128GB.

Running on the latest Android Pie, this device gives you a massive 4150mAh battery backup with USB type-C fast charging options. Also present are fingerprint and face unlock features.

And at a reservation price (for now!) of $799 USD, this baby is a steal deal!

How Do I Get It?

We are sure that by this point you are ready to place your order. And we are going to help you there as well. Be the 1st to get the world’s first Hemp Phone, simply log on here and Reserve your HEMPEARTH Phone today!

And when you get to the checkout, you are free to choose the option of paying using any mode of your choice. We offer many options to pay including Visa Or Mastercard, Interac e-Transfer (in Canada), and Digital Payments Bitcoin, Ethereum.

Of course, we would encourage you to complete payment using digital currencies. At HEMPEARTH we are of the view that digital currencies are the future of value exchange, and we plan to go all-digital by 2021 (read more about this here).

Only The Beginning…

We are extremely excited about the launch of the HEMPEARTH Phone.  Hempearth, continuously strives to create a future that is fit for future generations to thrive in; and using our environment-friendly products we aim to create an ecosystem where technology and nature go hand-in-hand.

The HEMPEARTH Phone is yet another step in this direction. Yes, we’ve already created waves in the world with our hemp-based products. We mean to push the frontiers of innovation and bring you better products that deliver.

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