Hemp is such a wonder material that the applications of this humble plant are without limit due to the very nature of its physical and chemical structure. And the latest to be added to this list is the world’s first hemp-based UFO based on Townsend Brown’s model of ‘Electrogravitics’ which is in turn linked to ‘Biefeld Brown Effect’

A Bit About Townsend Brown’s model

Thomas Townsend Brown was an inventor who through the course of his research discovered the relationship between exceptional electric fields and gravity. In essence, he seemed to have discovered what was called ‘Anti-Gravity’. In theory, this could probably be used to provide propulsion for a variety of commercial uses ranging from aircraft to ships and even spacecraft. This principle even gave inspiration for other scientific principles such as ‘Ionic Propulsion Lifters’. It was based on the ‘Biefeld Brown Effect’.

The Biefeld Brown Effect

In essence, this is a physical effect produced by electricity. The best way to summarise is that when an ionic wind is produced through the application of electricity by means of strategic placement of capacitors, then the momentum is transferred to the surrounding neutral particles. This usually happens when the capacitors are asymmetric. Thomas Townsend Brown discovered this phenomenon for the first time during a series of experiments done with his mentor Paul Alfred Biefeld at the Denison University in Ohio.

This effect was first described to the world as part of the patent application titled ‘Electrokinetic Apparatus’. There are several names to this physical phenomenon such as ‘Electrokinesis’ as well as ‘Electrohydrodynamics’. The most important aspect of this being the basis for the HEMP UFO is the fact that movement is produced without any physical moving parts. This is in stark difference to an aeroplane where physical movement is produced by the use of internal combustion engines with thousands of moving parts which in turn lead to heavy carbon emissions. It is estimated that air travel contributes to 12% of global carbon emissions.

HEMP UFO – Built for sustainability

While the rest of the world is moving towards larger and larger planes that consume more fuel and adding to global warming, hemp-based aerospace structures can not only be sustainable through efficient aerodynamic structures but also more sustainable from a cost to build and cost to maintain perspective. Because of the fact that it is not only resilient but also durable, hemp enjoys a great choice to build cutting edge aerodynamic structures for the modern aircraft industry, including UFOs. Various parts of the UFO can be built using hemp by-products. They have a lower carbon footprint because of the ease of manufacture and lowered toxicity.

The reason why we chose ‘Townsend Brown’ model for the HEMP UFO was because of the fact this principle is based on using very little energy to produce the same propulsion as compared to oil guzzling aircraft engines which produce a lot of emissions. As with our hemp powered plane, the HEMP UFO structure will be made from organically sourced hemp. The structure will be composed of hemp composites which are not only heat resistant but also fully recyclable and thus significantly reducing the carbon footprint of each UFO that we produce.

Hemp derivatives

Another aspect of HEMP UFO would be the use of ‘Hempcrete’ derivatives as the bonding structure as well as ‘Hemp-Fiber Wood’ and ‘Hempearth wood’ for the internal structures. These structures offer a variety of benefits as compared to more commonly available alternatives straight off the shelf. For example, ‘Hemp-Fiber Wood’ has got great resilience, strength, durability, and versatility. It can also be used to be compressed to look like wood along with the unbelievable longevity associated with hemp. It can be used to create the internal structure for larger UFO to reduce weight and thereby increase the range of the UFO. This has the added benefit of reducing the number of trees being cut in the world for the manufacture of aerospace structures.

Commercial Applications Of HEMP UFO

Drone Industry

One of the most important commercial applications for our HEMP UFO would be the burgeoning drone industry where batteries are being used currently to power them. By the application of Townsend Brown’s model, we can revolutionize the drone industry and provide sustainable solutions to industrial requirements like aerial surveys of flood-affected areas, flood rescue operations as well as industrial spraying requirements.

In the event of natural calamities where it is almost impossible to reach remote areas cut off due to waterlogging or disrupted roadways, one of the best ways to reach such areas would be the use of UFO to reach these areas and either take photographs to report back on the status of such areas or arrange for the delivery of important items such as medication, food, and other supplies which can be in acutely short supply. This kind of service could make the difference between life or death in such a situation. There are rare instances where there are law and order issues in the aftermath of a natural crisis such as what happened in Peurto Rico immediately after a severe cyclone in 2018. In such instances, UFO can play a critical role in restoring communication links and restore confidence in the mind of people about the outside world being ready to offer assistance to bring back normalcy.

Agriculture Services

Another important application of HEMP UFO would be in the delivery of agriculture-related inputs. Agriculture is an activity associated with the application of multiple inputs such as fertilizers, seeds, insecticides, pesticides, and weedicides. It is very important to apply these inputs at the right time in the right quantity over several hundreds of acres to ensure that the crops grow in the prescribed fashion. The best way to ensure this could be the use of HEMP UFO which could save time as well as cost.

All of this and many more applications are in the pipeline for the HEMP UFO. Keep following us to know how hemp is going to revolutionize the world as we know it.

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