The world is undergoing a quiet revolution that is quite a big deal. While industries grapple in the throes of global trade wars and the planet reels under the effect of climate change that is being directly linked to conventional industrialization, we at Hempearth are all set to create the future of business.

Hempearth is a company that believes in its mission of versatility through sustainable means. For this very reason, we have chosen to create our product line based on Cannabis, the much-misunderstood marvel of nature.

One of the oldest crops cultivated by humans, Cannabis has found varied use throughout the centuries. Ranging from use in paper and textiles to creating fabric and ropes, the humble Cannabis has been transformed into a wide array of products.

But what is it that makes Cannabis so very attractive? Let us take a tour of some of the interesting features of this unique plant.

What Sets Cannabis Apart?


The multipurpose nature of the cannabis plant is evident in the many uses to which it can be put. The following is a list of some of its uses:

  • The plant’s woody inner core is used in housing and construction.
  • The seeds and flowers of the plant can be converted into many products (more on this later. Read on!)
  • Cannabis extracts contain essential nutrients vital for human health.
  • Cannabis seeds can be used to manufacture edibles such as bread and granola, and Cannabis oils can be used in margarine.
  • Cannabis fiber has high tensile strength and is used in the manufacture of biocomposites that have found extensive use in industry.
  • Cannabis can also be used to produce biofuels that are energy efficient as well as eco-friendly.

When it comes to the uses of Cannabis, the above is just the tip of the iceberg. Hempearth’s goal is to make Cannabis and Cannabis products more accessible to the world population and in the process create a greener world that is pollution-free.

How The Cannabis Industry Is Projected To Grow


According to the latest estimates by Forbes, the market for Cannabis and Cannabis products is expected to grow to a whopping $2.1 billion by the year 2020. That’s a 700% growth as compared to the 2016 figures when the total sales amounted to $170 million.

With such attractive growth figures and a wide range of uses in consumer products as well as industrial processes, the demand for Cannabis material can only be expected to skyrocket in the coming years. This is exactly where Hempearth comes in with a goal of making Cannabis and associated products widely accessible to all.

Distribution And Demand  

Cannabis Distribution

Currently, the majority of the sales figures (64.5%) for Cannabis products are sourced from online channels. Recreational uses at smoke shops come second at 17.8%. Of the remaining, dispensaries account for 9% of sales figures and the remaining 5% comes from health stores and doctors’ offices.

It is evident that presently the Cannabis market is dominated by online channels. Although considered as a convenient source of Cannabis products, the range of products and services on offer remain limited. Further, the current financial framework around which the online Cannabis trade revolves is plagued by much irregularity.

 Limited means of global expansion, remittance issues and inability to track produce raise restrictions in the quality audit process necessary for premium class products.

Hempearth, however, aims to change all that.

Our Mission & Vision


Hempearth is on a mission to making the Cannabis trade absolutely transparent and available for all interested players. With this view in mind, we are all set to introduce blockchain technology to the Cannabis ecosystem. Using blockchain we aim to make the process of Cannabis products distribution and purchase a seamless experience for everyone.

Hempearth has been working on popularizing and spreading the legitimate uses of Cannabis products for quite some time now. We believe that investment in and sales of Cannabis products should be determined by market forces without any regulatory roadblocks. Our vision is to use blockchain technology to:

  • Open up the Cannabis market for the global population.
  • To ensure end-to-end cannabis tracking solutions for quality and accountability.
  • Delivering autonomous transactions based on smart contracts.
  • Using cryptocurrencies for expedited transactions.
  • Providing verifiable product tags and trade transparency.
  • Providing all our shareholders an opportunity to be a part of our decision-making process.

Our Product Range

Such a broad goal as Hempearth’s demands a matching range of products that cut across industries. We have worked diligently to produce some of the most innovative hemp-based products on the market. The following is a list of our latest offerings:

And the jewel in our crown, the world’s first plane made from and powered by hemp! Yes, you read it right, Hempearth is all set to take to the skies with our plane made from Cannabis composites developed by us and fueled by Cannabis Jet, our very own brand of aviation fuel.

Ready To Get On Board?

Hemp Plane

Hempearth cares about the planet and its people. As a result, we are focused on spreading the use of organic Cannabis products in the industry. We believe that by utilizing the benefits of this wonderful and versatile plant, the world can be made a better place. We plan to rid the world of pollution…

…And also generate wealth in the process!

Hempearth welcomes all interested individuals/investors who would like to be a part of our exciting journey by investing in HEMPEARTH Private Shares. We are also booking flights for our first Cannabis Plane coming soon! 100 lucky passengers will get to fly in the worlds first HEMP Plane before anyone else. Packages start at $10,000 which includes 3 VIP seats aboard the 1st HEMP Plane, a swag bag, pictures in front of plane on the runway and much more. So, if you want to be one of them, shoot us off an email at today to get on our pre sale list!

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