Hemp as a sturdy alternative to synthetic plastics has already been established. Now, this humble plant is ready to make inroads into the aviation fuel industry.

Hemp-based biofuels have been around for a long time. First envisioned by the legendary Henry Ford as an alternative to conventional fuels, hemp-based fuels are a sustainable source of energy. Now, Canadian firm Hempearth is ready to add a new dimension to biofuels by introducing Hemp Jet A, a hemp fuel that is planned to be used to fly Hempearth’s plane, which is set to be made out of hemp composites. Hempearth has already produced samples of Hemp Fuel in Costa Rica back in 2016. Read article here: https://ticotimes.net/2016/05/28/an-insight-into-the-worlds-first-hemp-airplane

Hemp Fuels As Alternative Energy

Apart from its multi-faceted use in industry, hemp has proven to be an excellent source of alternative energy. Conventional fossil fuels are the major cause of pollution, and hemp biofuels score over them in many aspects.

Easily replenish-able, hemp-based biofuels are drawn entirely from agricultural sources. This effectively translates into hemp being a virtually inexhaustible energy source. The organic origin of hemp biofuels also means that the pollution footprint of these fuels is much less than that of other energy sources. Further, they are more energy-efficient than fossil fuels.

It is estimated that the use of hemp-based aviation fuels can work to reduce the carbon footprint left by air traffic by as much as 60%.

Further, hemp can be grown in relatively low-quality conditions, requires lesser fertilizers, and returns 70% of the required nutrients back to the soil. All this makes hemp biofuels the perfect choice for future energy requirements.

Reaching For The Clouds

Hemp Jet A is set to take to the skies with the world’s first hemp plane. This promises to open up new horizons for hemp-based fuels and the hemp industry.

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