Can you 3D Print with HEMP? —YES, You Can!

If you love the idea of 3D Printing but dislike the prospect of contributing more plastic waste to the world, you can now 3D Print with Hemp filaments. As a 3D Printing filament Hemp is incredibly versatile. The newest filaments have been developed to work in any 3D printer and can be used to make just about any design.  3D printing has  already proven itself to be a greener method of manufacturing. It reduces waste and speeds up production time while using less energy. Printing with hemp adds even more environmental friendly qualities. The most notable boons for the environment is that hemp is biodegradable and that growing industrial hemp doesn’t require pesticides.

How is Hemp filament made?

Typically Hemp fibre is ground up into fine particles and mixed into polymers like PLA. It’s often made without added colors to keep it as natural as possible.

How do I use Hemp filaments to 3D Print?

Most hemp 3D printer filament has printing properties similar to PLA filament. Some say it is actually easier to print with because it can print at a lower temperature than PLA. The filament is odorless and has low warp, so a heated bed is unnecessary. If you do have a heated bed, the optimal temperature for hemp filament is around 45 degrees celsius. Because of it’s ease of use and biodegradability hemp is a great filament for daily prototyping. 

Consider printing your next 3D project with Hemp!

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