HEMPEARTH's Operation HEMP Jump 1.0 a Super Success

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Hempearth Founder Derek Kesek and CEO Angie Molina took to the skies on July 17th 2019 to create even more awareness for Hempearth’s goal of constructing The World’s First Hemp Plane and Cannabis. At 8AM CST on June 17th 2019 The Hempearth executives jumped from 10,000 feet after flying over Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica.

The Hempearth Hemp Plane is set to be lighter, stronger, and more eco-friendly than the industry standard. The engines can be either diesel or standard engines that can run on Hempearth’s own biofuels. A sleek 4-seater twin engine diesel aircraft with a cruising speed just between 210 mph to 310 mph Made from over 75% Hemp, including the seats, pillows, wings, outer shell and some interior parts.

You can watch the video below to learn more and get over to Hempearth’s Hemp Plane Project at GoFundMe.com and Donate, be a part of History and get your name on the World’s First Hemp Plane.

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