Hempearth Cancer Treatment Benefits vs Conventional


It has been quite a few years since folks discovered that high THC Cannabis Oil with moderate CBD was an effective treatment for Cancer when taken as a part of a regime, and in most cases can be cured when the right advice and consistency is followed. A standard Hempearth Treatment consistent of 60 grams taken over a 3 month period following a  specific regime described in picture below. Hempearth’s Cannabis Oil treatment is  not only for Cancer but used for many ailments as well.

Here is a list below:

Killing Cancer
Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder PTSD
Crohn’s Disease
Pain Relief
Opiod Dependence
Sexual Enhancement
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Dravet Syndrome
Multiple Sclerosis

Most are able to finish the entire treatment in 90 days


Consume 60 grams of cannabis oil in 90 days.

Week 1

Start with 3 doses daily, about half the size of a short grain of rice.

You will slowly build tolerance.

Weeks 2 – 5

At week 2 you will double your intake every 4 days

Weeks 5 – 12

You should now be able to consume 1 gram per day.

Ingest 1 gram a day until your 60 gram supply is done, if a patient is badly damaged up to 180 grams must be taken.

The Difference between an Organic Hempearth Treatment vs Conventional is that most conventional Western Medicinal treatments are toxic and not good for the human body. Most chemotherapy agents kill cancer cells by interacting with the DNA synthesis or function of the cell. … The side effects of chemotherapy include hair loss, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, anemia, infections, fatigue, loss of taste buds, and destruction of the immune system.

Hempearth Treatment on the other hand:

Kills Cancer Cells and helps to regenerate new ones

Protects your immune system and doesn’t destroy it

Significantly increases your chance of remission

Stabilizes and eliminates acute or chronic pain

Eliminates toxic pharmaceutical protocols when regime is followed

Reduces or eliminates malignant cell growth

Reduces or eliminates nausea/Stimulates increased appetite

Hempearth offer’s a treatment for cancer and therapies that can help those from stage I-IV. We provide ongoing support through your cancer prevention or treatment program. If you or someone you know has Cancer or any other major illness and would like to lean more about our Hempearth 60, 120 and 180 Gram Treatments email us at hempearthcanada@gmail.com. Let us find you an natural healing alternative.

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