Vaping Cannabis


Aside from never needing to search through your pockets again for a lighter, there are many other long-term benefits to vaporizing that make it a much greater alternative to smoking. Studies have shown that cannabis users who vaporize instead of combusting their plant matter, report breathing easier, experiencing less respiratory distress, and have an overall better experience.  

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Aside from the previously mentioned health benefits, there are many other positive aspects to vaporizing. A recent study reveled that vaporizers are able t to convert 46% of available THC from dry plant matter into vapor for inhalation, while a typical joint or marijuana cigarette only yielded 25% THC. This stark difference highlights the ability for vaporizers to provide higher THC content with fewer health risks. The percentage of efficacy is even greater when vaporizing oils, like those produced by Hempearth. Additionally, one of the greatest benefits of vaporizing is the lack of smell or smoke. Because the plant matter is not combusting, that long-lingering smell of smoke is no longer an issue. For those looking for a more discreet method for cannabis consumption, vaporizing is the best choice.

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For individuals seeking to consume cannabis for medical reasons, vaporizing, especially oils, is vastly important. Because the dosage levels in Hempearth extracted oils are consistent with each puff, patients are better able to monitor the amount of medication going into their system. For those with compromised immune systems, Hempearth’ high quality and lab-produced oils are the superior choice for medicating without fear of contamination. 

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In short, vaporization allows for 95% efficiency in consumption, which is the highest level in cannabis consumption methods. When using a vaporizer, patients can be sure that their consistent dosing will remain stable throughout the life of the product. Each puff from an vape pen filled with Hempearth Bud oil, emits an approximate 2mg dose. Accuracy and consistency are always present, making this method the safest for novice users and long-time consumers alike. Because of the precise heating element found in vape pens, the temperature is controlled in such a way that the plant matter reaches the proper temperature to release active ingredients, without ever igniting the plant matter. When taken at face value, it is clear that the health benefits of vaporizing make it the superior choice for the health-conscious consumer. Quality Service - Fast shipping - Organic Products Scroll to Top