THC de-calcifies your Pinael gland, better known as your 3rd eye, fluoride and toxins in our food and water create a calcium build up around you Pinael gland that makes you complacent and easily controlled and manipulated, why do you think CBD overpowered THC awareness in the media when folks started discovering the benefits of Cannabis (Dr Sanjiv Gupta) did a special on CBD and everything veered away from the most notable Cannabinoid THC, because not only does it awaken the mind, body and spirit, it helps to cure the disease or illness, instead of treat it forever (No money in cures – Big Pharma). After people realize that CBD (The New Tupperware) only treats a disease or illness forever people are set to go back to the original message at the beginning that THC cures, CBD treats. The best part is the psycho activity as this is you awakening on a deep level. People have no problems taking morphine which can actually be overdosed on, no one ever has died from Cannabis use ever. Think about that folks! Quality Service - Fast shipping - Organic Products Scroll to Top